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Biography of Jo Murphey

Jo Murphey
I am Jo Murphey. I live in the Golden Isles of Georgia.

I had an ischemic stroke May 2012. Right-sided hemiplegia and some aphasia. The aphasia is a kicker for a writer.

My overall motto is: "Today is not just another day.  Today I will create something beautiful.

Up until my stroke, I was a free-lance writer, author, and minister. I'm married to a terminally ill husband who is also my soul mate with four children, and eight grandchildren. 

I spend a big chunk of my free time helping other writers accomplish their dreams of becoming published authors and working towards my own recovery. Now, I'm a struggling writer with the emphasis on struggling.

I'm a retired life flight RN/Paramedic, retired international business and marketing consultant, an executive chef (inactive), former culinary arts instructor, and entrepreneur. In other words I've got more sheepskins than any one person should have. AS in computer programming, BS in nursing, AS Paramedic, AS in herbotology/naturopathic medicine, MBA in business and marketing with a minor in Political Science., and Ph.D in theology.

I believe in three basic truths - God is in control, death is the absence of learning, and your grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children as teenagers.

I am published under several nome de plume's But this is the real me. I started with self-publishing after 27 years in traditional publishing...most of those titles are in various areas of nonfiction including self-help, inspirational, and public awareness. My first title was "Mommy I Wish I'd Never Heard of Arfritis," which is a mother-child book on dealing with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It also serves as a self-help book for parents who have newly diagnosed children with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). These books are now out of print and hopefully, I will be able to buy back the rights and republish them except for the first one which is owned by the Arthritis Foundation by my choice. All together, there are 20 titles.

I write under several names as an independent author... J.L. Murphey/Jolee Morriss/ Grandma Jam/JoAnn Mefford/Johanna Kihara. Writing suspense is the mainstay of my fiction writing whether it is children's, southern, espionage, or horror fiction and assorted nonfiction books.

I write a blog titled, The Murphey Saga for writers and independent authors which now includes a weekly segment on Sundays about my stroke survival and recovery.

I am also writing a book on my stroke recovery, but unlike most books, this is a humorous look at stroke recovery. Stories we can all relate to as survivors and laugh...because laughter is the best medicine. This is tentatively titled, "Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad." It is a book my little sister said I was destined to write, but didn't have the experience to write it... until now.

draft draft draft

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I realize I am slow to figure this out! But so sad to see this post---- John, you've been a great help and inspiration to me and Bob and so many others! I hope after you take a break and you will do something like this again. Best Regards, Diane (my blog, for what it is, is still going --) on Laid-Back Admin: Stop publish Stroke Survivors Tattler Apr/09/2016
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this just happened to my dad, April 24,2016. Dr. say it irreversable coma and that he will leave us soon. They dont know what to say but informed my mom that 5 to 6 days remain. When I'm with him he slowly moves his hand and demonstrates strenght movments. His eyes dont fully open but at times he looks at his family members and then goes back into the COMA. After reading your story I feel thatI can breath again. please email me information on how i should proceed. antonellaanania @ on Do We Know the Locked in Syndrome Prognosis in the 1st Weeks Weeks After the Illness?
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Sunny Yunk April 6 / 2016
Thank you so much for getting our words out to those who need to hear them. I appreciate all the work your endeavor took. BTW, I'm at about 6.5 years for barbpolansrecovery, and aiming to keep going until I can use my hand to row again. That'll be Mission: Accomplished. Bye-bye. on Laid-Back Admin: Stop publish Stroke Survivors Tattler Apr/09/2016
Barb Polan April 3 / 2016
Congrats on handling the logistics of your move - you did it, whether people contributed or not. When we moved my MIL, it turned out that there were 2 huge challenges: pulling bubble-wrap squares off the second roll (the first was easy using one arm, one foot and my knees. The other one was touching each possession that belonged to someone else. My MIL was not capable of making so many decisions, so it was left to my husband and me. She was grateful for much of my help, but once we had moved her, she would get so mad at my husband for getting rid of so much of her stuff. At least you were making decisions about your own things. Congrats, again. That was a huge endeavor. on Sunday Stroke Survival: Give Yourself Permission
Barb Polan April 3 / 2016
Congratulations on regaining your independence after 4 years. It made such a big difference to me, after 2 years and failing the test the first time I took it. on Freedom
Barb Polan April 2 / 2016
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Barb Polan March 24 / 2016
Congratulations on hitting the 6-year mark! Mine was this past November. It's been a long haul. As for writing, but being unpublished, have you looked into self-publishing? Amazon will offer your book as a Kindle, and createspace can use the same Word file and provide print-on-demand hard copies. Unlike previous self-publishing, this is all free for the writer. The only downsides are that the royalties are minuscule, and you have to market your book yourself. I published my stroke memoir 1.5 years ago, and I've sold only 100 online, but I haven't marketed it any way other than ending a copy to every PT, OT, and stroke specialist I could think of. on Strokversary Six
Barb Polan March 24 / 2016
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Nobody understands a stroke survivor aside from stroke survivors. I agree with this statement 101%. I am a survivor of two strokes in 2007 and 2012. Sadly I firmly believe that non of my doctors nor my family really and sincerely understand my daily pain and struggles. I would love to write a book about this.God Bless you. on Status Time: Almost Seven Years Later from the Stroke
Ramon January 23 / 2016
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Tips Pemulihan Penyakit Stroke September 29 / 2015
Thank you. I had only one OT who ever suggested that I use my unaffected hand to open and close my affected hand constantly. There was only one, and he was a sub I had only one session. But he stressed how important it was to do so strongly that I had to comply. And you're the one who first stressed to me that recovery requires a 24/7 commitment. on Musing: Arm-Hand Stroke Exercises by Madfit
Barb Polan September 26 / 2015
Hi, Tim. I think it's important for you to finish your book. When I finished one - I too was a journalist and editor pre-stroke - I felt empowered, and so much more like my capable pre-stroke self. I didn't bother even looking for a publisher, and went the self-publishing route. While long-time writers like us have always looked in disdain at "vanity publishing," this is much different - virtually free so that you don't feel like you're making a foolish decision and spending money for something no one else will. The downside of self-publishing is that you have to do your own marketing in order to get more than your family and friends to purchase a copy of your book. But it can be done, I'm sure, even though I haven't been successful at it. Bottom-line: for both yourself and other stroke survivors, your book must be finished, your story must be told. It's a miracle that someone went from using alphabet flash cards to completing a book. That offers so much hope to someone struggling on Let it Bleed
Barb Polan September 26 / 2015
I remember when you posted about someone plagiarizing your blog posts, but you didn't know the guilty party at the time. I'm so glad you ferreted them out, the losers. on Neuroaid: Partial Truth and Petty Theft
Barb Polan September 19 / 2015
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Pipi Lica September 11 / 2015
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J.L. Murphey August 27 / 2015
Great story - there have been so many times my unaffected hand has been busy, and I wanted to give someone the finger. Congrats to that survivor! on ANGER: It Helps Recovery!
Barb Polan August 24 / 2015
Too fast to follow limited view of knot used. very frustrating to attempt to do after watching these videos. I am an amputee and this just served to get on my last nerve. on Tie Shoes with One Hand !
Jay Kay August 14 / 2015
You can't possibly include me in a name-that-bunny competition ... I once had a black miniature called "Bun-bun." In my defense, she was named by Tom's cousin, but ownership changes allow name changes, I think. Nothing I could think of fit her better, though. on Sunday Stroke Survival: Making Plans and Changes
Barb Polan August 10 / 2015
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Jyothi August 10 / 2015
Congratulations to you, but I have a question: how on Earth did you manage to get Kristina to take ALL her "worldly goods"? My kids are 31 and 27, and have been living on their own since 22, but we still moved boxes of their possessions from the home they were raised in to our current one, and will probably take them with us when we down-size. Were you exaggerating? All the best to Kristina, and to your wife too. Have a fun road trip. on Blogging Volcanoes and Crickets
Barb Polan July 28 / 2015
WTG Barb! on What My Hand Did
J.L. Murphey July 23 / 2015
"It's ok, Mom, it's time," my older sister said to my mother after a 3-month period of dying. The next week, after all of us holding our breath for so long, my mother departed, with me asleep in the next room, a nurse with her. During those three months, I spent every other week caring for my mother, traveling the 7-hour drive every weekend to get there/go home to my husband and kids. I was there to "help" my father, and it never occurred to me that he would appreciate solitude. He is an introvert so although he always asked me to return the week after next, he probably would have. I was so distracted by my selflessness and my mother's impending death that I didn't think of his needs at all. on Craving Being Alone
Barb Polan July 16 / 2015
Rebecca, your P.S. is right on target. If I need my husband to hang a towel over the shower wall, buy my soap and shampoo, and shave my underarms, in what possible world is that independence? The ADL of showering should include that. Having someone do set-up is like having a sous-chef while making dinner - if I say I can cook dinner, I should be able to chop the vegetables, fill the pot w water, take pans in/out of the oven, etc. I agree that we are all interdependent, but use the word "independent" to mean I can "take care" of myself - going out as needed, taking care of my home chores and dog, and so on. I've finally managed to get my electric vacuum cleaner upstairs, so now I have to figure out a way to mop. on Independence is a Myth People Cling To
Barb Polan July 16 / 2015
Welcome, Kona! I'm happy you found such a good home. on She's Mine!
Barb Polan July 11 / 2015
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Simple Letters July 10 / 2015
I was very fortunate to get tPA on my second stroke 2012. I only stayed in the hospital for 5 days compared to my first stroke in 2007wherein I stayed two months in the hospital with massive rehabilitation and therapy. on Where are You? and Why Should That Matter for Stroke Treatment?
Ramon July 7 / 2015
Love this. Awesome! on Musing: The 18 Habits of Highly Creative People
Ramon July 2 / 2015
Just remember the other day, right after I had a visit from church. I was going through the back alley to the main road when all of a sudden a bicycle almost hit my car. The guy in the bicycle was swearing to the top of his voice and giving me his middle finger. I opened my windows and said sorry, but he moved on still cursing and swearing. Realizing I just came from church, I said "GOD BLESS YOU". Upon reflection, I realized he was the one who almost hit me, because he was riding through the side walk. What would have happen if he hit me? What would have been his reaction? Thank God he missed me. on Dummy! Or, Stupid is as Stupid Does
Ramon July 2 / 2015
Sas, good luck with your procedure. I hope you're feeling better very soon. on Just to Let You All Know... Last Blog by Nick
Barb Polan June 21 / 2015
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Charles D. Mancuso May 26 / 2015
Do you have to be a certain age to receive social security? I know that in order to get disability social security, you have to be disabled in some way. However, no one has ever talked to me about how old you need to be. I hope that the only requirement is to have suffered the effects of a stroke. But, I'm not really sure if that is the case. on Social Security Disability Benefits for Stroke Survivors
Kent Clark May 5 / 2015
I am wheelchair bound and I have always wanted to have the Dean Kaman chair. If I had that chair, their is nowhere I could not go. What kind of battery like does that chair have? For me, battery life is essential. I've got to get too and from work each day. on Motorized Wheelchair
bryan flake May 5 / 2015
I can imagine that recovering from something like a stroke would be super hard to evaluate. In the few people I have known, each one was affected differently by their stroke. Not all of them were able to return to work. It must be hard for Social Security to evaluate these things. on Social Security Disability Benefits for Stroke Survivors
bryan flake April 30 / 2015
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Recumbent Bike April 30 / 2015
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Northernlight Products April 25 / 2015
I think the most helpful caregiver stress that you gave in the second section would be to seek social support by going out to coffee, going on a walk with a friend, or riding a bike. It's important to unwind from caregiving jobs because they can often be draining. I love that you included so many methods to relieve that stress for caregivers! on 12 Tips to Prevent Caregiver Burnout!
Felicity Sanderson April 20 / 2015

We too have a Handicapped Transportation Services here in Seattle... so people with disability want to travel they help them a lot... I happy that these kind of services are available for people who want to go around world.. Thanks on Motorized Wheelchair
Melissa Cruz April 17 / 2015
Yep. My therapist hit all those spots and more. on Video: Dry Needling
J.L. Murphey April 13 / 2015
I have not to familiar with social security disability. So I wanted to learn more about it and I found this article. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from reading this. I didn't know that you had to fill out an application in order to get social security disability. This article was very informative, thanks for posting. on Social Security Disability Benefits for Stroke Survivors
Marcus Morgan April 11 / 2015
Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Ergonomic Wheelchair Keep Posting :) on Motorized Wheelchair - Video
Wheelchair April 6 / 2015
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andrea chiu March 12 / 2015
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Peter Corfield March 4 / 2015
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Peter Corfield February 24 /2015
Keep talking to it! One day it will listen : ) on A Letter to My Hand
Megan February 19 / 2015
My daughter is five years old and it is still extremely difficult for her to string sentences together. Sometimes the best we can get from her is just two word sentences. I would love to learn how to teach her to communicate her feelings and needs, because I can see the frustration she feels when we don't understand her. I would love to take a training course to become better equipped to help my daughter with this learning process. Speech Pathology on Mentoring: Speech Therapy for Aphasia/Developmental Language Delay
Angela Downer February 9 / 2015
Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing. ERGONOMIC WHEELCHAIR Keep Posting:) on Mobility Scooter - Video
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Janice Hassel January 2 / 2015
I agree about what works for one doesn't work for another; in the same way, what worked for me before doesn't work now. Now, I'm good if I immediately enter appointments in my phone calendar, plus use the notepad on my phone to make lists. Lists work for me, as long as they're electronic and not on paper. Can't remember where I put the ones on paper. on Memory Aids Have to Be in My Face
Barb Polan November 22 / 2014
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Sunnie yunk November 19 / 2014
The problem is often confounded by sufferers being a) multi-morbid and b) multi-dependent, e.g. also heavy smokers. Any drug that metabolizes at a rate that its blood plasma levels sink below the "zone of comfort" during sleep, e.g., say, within two to six hours, will disrupt sleep patterns, just like a busy road would that "awakes" at five in the morning if you would need to continue sleeping until, say, seven, to have your full eight hours' rest. Since "social" drinking is also concentrated temporally in the late hours, this is often a vicious circle that patients can only escape if they are hospitalized for a truly lengthy period ... and someone has to finance that then ... on Persistent Insomnia and Alcoholism
Colm Barry November 13 / 2014
And that is something unkind to say about someone who is both creative and original. on Cord of Wood - Nicely Stack!
Mark Charles November 3 / 2014
Wonderful and Right ON! Absolutely not enough known about the #stroke patient experience on Experience
Anonymous October 25 / 2014
Mark, about a year after my husband's stroke we decided that additional speech therapy would be useful. As I believed he was very competent, I suggested he interview the therapists and decide who he wanted to work with. Long story short, as I was organizing those initial visits/interviews one therapist told me about costs for her travel and travel time. "Oh no, I said, he will drive to your office." First she said to me "He can drive, people with aphasia can't read signs" Second she told me she didn't have an office. I decided that she was not on our shortlist because she had NO expectations for progress. Moreover, she wasn't paying for office overhead. Most therapists don't charge extra for office overhead. on Who and Where Should I Go for Speech Therapy?
Anonymous October 11 / 2014
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J.L. Murphey September 7 / 2014
I used to watch patients who could hardly speak spend the majority of their therapy time on exercises that did not involve the process of speaking. Patients would be blowing bubbles, licking peanut-butter off a spoon or licking it off the upper lips etc. I always thought the exercises were questionable esp. when noting there was no simultaneous speaking being practiced. buy oral motor products on
Do Oral Motor Exercises Improve Speech in Dysarthria?
Elizabeth J. Neal August 13 / 2014
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Emran Ahammad August 12 / 2014
This is so uplifting and inspiring for stroke survivors like us. Truly it is a matter of making a choice to get up or go down deeper. on Sunday Stroke Survival ~ ARGH! Despair and Agony on Me!
Ramon August 9 / 2014
Actually, it was built in 2004-2005. I should know, I worked on it while employed by Valid Manufacturing during that time. Valid produced it as fully functional roadworthy, but unfinished product. The fine finishing was done elsewhere. A second trailer was built shortly after delivery of the one seen here, but Anderson Estates never took possession. Valid held on to it for a few more years trying to find other buyers. I never did find out what happened to that trailer as I left the company before it was sold. on Will Smith's Mobile Home
Anonymous August 9 / 2014
Dean, I tend to be the cheerleader and surround myself in my recovery with cheerleaders. If you are a person who only sprouts doom and gloom, don't expect me to stay around very long. Good words. on Don't Ever Give Up
J.L. Murphey July 29 / 2014
I have already attended two meetings with this group. It was awesome to be with some of the nicest person I ever met. Come join us and learn and gain confidence in public speaking. on
Edmonton: BIS - Be Inspired and Strong
Ramon July 23 / 2014
That's a clean setup you got there John! We started making stand up desks originally for our own use in the office, and folks seemed to really enjoy them. They're 100% bamboo, take just 30 seconds to put together, and can fold up if your legs need a little break. We also make a great anti-fatigue mat that makes it comfortable to stand all day that has received rave reviews! Check us out on Updated - Ikea Standing-Up Desk by SSTattler
Anonymous July 15 / 2014
The pain and digestive pattern in pain gall bladder patients has not been defined in a recent setting with ... The pain was referred to the back in 63% of the patients. on A Life of Stroke, Tumor, and One Inch Gallstones!
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But Joyce, we HAVE to try to do the same thing over and over again - it's our only way to make new connections from brain to nerves controlling muscles. Just do it - get your hamstring to work and extort control over your knee; even if it takes you years, that's what you've got. What did you find out about pomegranate and chocolate? on Wishes and Hopes: Do They Amount to a Hill of Beans?
Barb Polan June 30 / 2014
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Great ones! on 9 Things NOT to say to Someone With a Brain Injury.
J.L. Murphey May 18 / 2014
Fortunately these magazines are great when they come along. But, unfortunately they go as quickly as they appear. " Notice The final issue of Canadian Health magazine was published on April 1. Subscribers will be..." on STROKE Education Suppliment In Canadian-Health Magazine
garydotgray May 15 / 2014
Knowing this perception is important to know the role of each chiropractor, as numerous do their greatest to avoid any sort of surgery and other invasive practices. Regular intake of... on
Some therapists recommend splints and others do not.
Anonymous May 13 / 2014
Dean in the book I'm writing about my stroke recovery, I use the term DIY to advise other survivors to come up w their own therapy protocols because they are the ones who care the most about their recovery. on Def'n: DIY - Do It Yourself
Barb Polan April 13 /2014
Peter, Am Ambassador and spokesperson for Nat'l Stroke. Much confusion about NeuroAid. Costs valid - however, a recent CHIMES study (published in American Heart's STROKE proved some interesting and effective conclusions (October, 2013). All adds confusion to what I had found, what you had found, what the common perception is. Talked with CEO of company (Singapore) and have questions. As you, Do you know more?. Blogger for Tattler on Neuroaid: Partial Truth and Petty Theft
Richard Burns April 3 / 2014
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Michael Smith February 22 / 2014
I bought snowshoes with the basic model ($104 Cdn) in MEC. I asked the clerk about binding with *only one-hand* - he told about various model and most binding works with one-hand. on Lecture About Snowshoeing at Mountain Equipment Co-op
SSTattler February 15 / 2014
I've made Michigan style snowshoes from scratch with real rawhide lacing, they're the ones with one piece of wood with the upturned toe. I splintered at least 6 pieces of wood after steaming them and trying to bend them around the form. This was prior to stroke and required two good arms and hands to do. I haven't tried using them since stroke, mainly because the bindings I created used laces and now they are in a storage locker in Minneapolis. on Lecture About Snowshoeing at Mountain Equipment Co-op
oc1dean February 15 / 2014
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Michael Smith February 6 / 2014
Has anyone has any luck with getting this covered under their insurance? A family member who is 31yrs old had a brain stem stroke which left him completely disabled. He was trained on the Tobii at the Rehab Hsp. as they thought w/ his age & perm. injury, ins. would cover, but they have denied. Any help in this area? on YouTube: Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC)
kelly January 30 / 2014
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Alan Abraham January 22 / 2014
The Outtakes section has freshly made prepackaged salads, sandwiches and desserts for those who ... The Outtakes Convenience Store has all that and more. ultrasonography on Battle Strokes With Ultrasound?
Abdul Bari Chanessra January 17 / 2014
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Michael Smith January 16 / 2014
Hey there just wanted to givbe you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I'm not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I'd post to let yoou know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get... on Pain in Your Brain
Anonymous January 5 / 2014
Hi Dean, I was a little lazy and the "Contents" is my T.B.D. very soon!! Right now this Jan 4th, Saturday is done correctly. I'll fix up this afternoon to Sept/2013 and the rest to Jan/2013 tomorrow. Cheers / John A. on Saturday News
SSTattler January 4 / 2014
Much better, now the links are active. on Saturday News
oc1dean January 4 / 2014
John's physiotherapist said that you can tell if people are recovering because the temperature on the affected side becomes normal. It is often colder than the other side. The best way to treat a... on Learn about Stroke
Anonymous January 4 / 2014
Maybe I'm missing something John but I don't see anywhere to click on to get to the four sections you list. Dean on Saturday News
oc1dean January 4 / 2014
hi had a stroke hemorrhagic in 2011 how can one treat a cold arm? on Learn about Stroke
Anonymous January 1 / 2014

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Standard YouTube License @ Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society

 EBCS - Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society
** Scan the Membership, Calendar, BikeWorksEducation first, then look at the rest if you are interested!

NOTE: For Stroke Survivors - they have many members have Recumbent, Tadpole, etc.

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Oct/06/2012  | Pre-Natal & Kids Had Stroke
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Jun/02/2012  | Hemispatial Neglect
May/26/2012  | Oliver Sacks: Musicophilia-Strokes,Language and Music
May/19/2012  | Sexuality after Stroke
May/12/2012  | Face Blindness(Prosopagnosia) <---- duplicate
May/05/2012  | Face Blindness(Prosopagnosia)
Apr/28/2012  | Caregiving
Apr/21/2012  | One Handed Typing Options
Apr/14/2012  | Crestor & Lipitor
Apr/07/2012  | Cognitive Therapy + Exercise Relieves Stroke Fatigue
Mar/31/2012  | Recumbent Bike -- Human Powered Vehicle
Mar/24/2012  | Rejoyce - Rehabilitation Devices for Stroke
Mar/17/2012  | Myvoice, Clot Retreival, and Migraine Sufferers
Mar/10/2012  | Trevor's Brain Was Almost Cut In Two ...
Mar/03/2012  | How It Feels to Have a Stroke?
Feb/25/2012  | Device for the Leg and Device for the Hand
Feb/18/2012  | Moya Moya Disease
Feb/11/2012  | What IsThe Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Health
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Jan/28/2012  | Broca's aphasia - Sarah Scott
Jan/21/2012  | Jennifer Drawdy's Stroke Testimonial
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Jan/07/2012  | A Real-Life Experience -- Lynn Johnston
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