Friday, January 01, 2010

SSTattler Publisher & Chief Editor Business Cards

  1. Send e-mail to SSTattler with your name & postal address and I'll send you (1) 4 x SSTattler Cards and (2) 1 x Magnetic SSTattler Card (for your fridge of course).  Usually, it will take less than a week for you to receive it in Canada;  in the USA & UK & Australia a bit more than a week. Beyond other countries I will send you the cards but I really do not know when you will receive the cards.
  2. Or, you can call me, John C. Anderson, and tell me the necessary data and I'll send your (1) 4 x SSTattler Cards and (2) 1 x Magnetic SSTattler Card.  You know my telephone number.
  3. Or, you can open the image (above).  You can copy to any program and print the image 2" x 3.5".  For example, you can use "Word" and print using "Avery 3612 - Business Cards" paper.
#    Cost for you is $0.00 right now.
$    If you need more cards just tell me the number of cards you required.

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