Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Biography of Regina Price

I grew up in Edmonton when I came to Canada after my birth and 2 years in Germany.  My childhood and youth was being a big sister and learning from school and others and taking part in many sports including skiing and skating, dancing, and badminton.

Regina & Sophie & Dougal
Then I went to University of Alberta but wasn’t happy because somehow I didn’t fit — I heard a different drummer — so I quit.  After that, I married at 19 and moved to the Yukon to take care of many foster children and my own.  After 12 years, I came back to Edmonton because my husband became abusive and angry with me and the 3 children.

I had to go on with a new life and so I became a journalist through Grant MacEwan College while taking care of my children.  Over time, I ended up in communications at two federal governments and got married again.

Then I thought - maybe I could help women and children who were abused.  I worked and took many courses through Athabasca University until I had my psychology.  Then, I decided to continue to get my Master’s degree and then to become a psychologist.  I worked at two schools and helped children and parents to understand and better themselves and their lives.

On the evening of January 1, 2007, I felt sick and couldn’t hear when listening to my uncle and asked my husband to call 911.  After that I couldn’t remember that January at all, some little bits of staying at the Glenrose for two months and during this time, I couldn’t speak at all, or count to 10, or understand money, or measuring things to cook.

Overtime, I realized my life is very different because I had a brain aneurysm (a kind of stroke).  Then I realized, because I was a psychologist, that I needed to change things to make the rest of my life meaningful and happy.  Now my life is very exciting and I look forward to every day and the things that I can learn or experience.

My Brief (mostly) Technical History

    I born in Edmonton and I lived in Coronation, Calgary, and Camrose until I was seventeen.  I loved swimming and I was a lifeguard for the couple of years but biking was my sport.  I didn't meet Sharon at that time. She was a "country girl" and she lived 60 miles of north of Edmonton and she went to 4-H, driving tractor, chasing cows and sheep, ... etc.