Monday, March 28, 2011

Ad-hoc-Darts Group

Darts session occurring:

 Tuesday on the first week

 in every month,


Hilltop Pub 8220 - 106 ave

We have two dart boards reserved for us, we have at more than two sets of darts available, lots of free chalk and lots of free talk.  As well, playing darts is totally free; if you want to eat or drink you have to pay the bill. If you're a beginner or an expert, all is welcome.  

Start the engines ...

Interested in Bowling?

Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes

Monday Afternoon Stroke Survivors Bowling at 1:00 PM.
$8.00 for 2 games and shoe rental.
101 Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre NW
Edmonton, AB T6C 4E3

SRAE Meeting

Stroke Recovery Association of Edmonton

P.O. Box 231 Main Post Office
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2J1
Website: Stroke Recovery Association of Edmonton 

  • Meets monthly at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Conference Room A (lower level) the last Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SRAE Newsletter - March 2011

Gary didn't think he would ever drive again.

A Master Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces, Gary had just transferred back to Edmonton from Shearwater, Nova Scotia. His brother found him on the floor about 12 hours after stroke. “First, they didn’t expect me to live, and then after a year in rehab at the Glenrose and Halver Jonson, I was still unable to think clearly. They discharged me to the Edmonton Garrison and then to a nursing home. ”

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Edmonton Stroke Calendar

Log :---------------------------------------: & Tattler & Tattler

March / 2011
April / 2011
  • Presentation at my condo.
  •  A few board members came (including Gail Pres., Randy, Gary, Alan+wife, ...).
  • Board agree.  
  • Bought on April 22/2011:
  • Joomla! more sophisticated and many features (and I'll have to learn):
    • banners, hierachy include blogs+list+categories+..., (sub)menus, 
    • iFrame (e.g. calendar), permission (author, editor, ...) ....
  • Use Joomla 1.5.
  • Keep "Gary ..." article March (but not include the Newsletter).
  • Put in "Alan ..." article April (but not include the Newsletter).
May / 2011
  • I tried various menus ...:
    • Very flexible. Easy to change.
  • The section/categories -- I'll have to think a lot! -- right now they murky.
  • Newsletter conflict about publish or not -- Sharon vs Gail.
    • Keep on typing -- I'll stay out of "politics".
  • Put the whole NewsLetter May.
    •  Article "Akira ..." is the first front-page.
  • Include smaller article(s) given by Sharon (mostly from internet).
June / 2011
  • NewsLetter June:
    • Article "Jackie ..." is the first front-page.
  • Ditto - Include smaller article(s) given by Sharon (mostly from internet).
July / 2011
  • Change to Joomla! Version 1.6.
  • First try v1.6 on my local iMac.
    • Perfect. Goes in very easy, simple. 
    • Works for 3 days; minor bugs but easy fix.
  • Call Cloud Access to change to v1.6 - it takes about 1 day.
  • Perfect -- same minor bugs.
  • Ahhhhgg - 2nd day - the front-page doubles each article i.e. it shows 
    • "Fraser Wins the Cup", next article is:
      • "Fraser Wins the Cup"
    • No obvious software bugs.
    • Maybe bugs hardware??? Call Cloud Access to re-install. 
    • Same problem.
  • Call Cloud Access to re-install old v1.5.
August / 2011
  • Try the Board to change e-mail format (like Comp.Sc. UofA).
    • They disagree -- they want Name, Title, (cloak) e-mail and that is it.
  • Implement their style.
  • E-mail the Members with Name, Title, (cloak) e-mail:
    • Include them or not - Vote yes/no to the end of the month.
    • Many members said yes.
    • One member said no and take it off the list - I did.
    • Six members say it is very +'ve.
  • I include Board+Members Name, Title, (cloak)e-mail.
September / 2011
  • Insert Gail article and Prochazka article.
  • Board has new sub-committee to approve or not:
    • I think it is silly.
    • My rule is to do-nothing/write-nothing until approved/not.
October / 2011
  • Sharon says: "I am resigning from the SRAE  Media Committee"      
    • I.e. she won't write the Newsletter.
  • Convert to
    • Cost $10 USD / year.
    • Blogspot works as well.
    • Google owns; they don't use ".ca";  ".org" is OK.
November / 2011
  • sub-committee is very, very slow!! So far I received 1 article & 1 Newsletter in November.
  • Met Gail & Wendy came to my house for approx 2hrs; good meeting. They asked me to do:
    • Change front-page to only 3 static articles (DONE):
      • Header - "We are an active community ..." - static.
      • Left - "Stroke Community ..." - static.
      • Right - "Our Next Monthly ..." - updated each month - semi-static.
    • Change to News (DONE):
      • It is "dynamic" (Joomla has only dynamic@"front-page" but I can implement with the blog).
      • Deleted "International".
  • Removed login/logout - absolutely nobody used it (DONE).
    • Turn off an article "How to do an Author, ...".
  • Change "Board & Members" back to "Board Members" (DONE).
    • In the last 3 months has no e-mail activity by the non-Board people, as well, I have the old list.
  • Removed "YouTube Links" (DONE):
    • I started the links but I requested proper organize the articles, sub-menus, etc.
      • Nobody is available to do it.
  • Removed sub-menu "Statistics" (DONE):
    • I like statistics but the everybody else does not - ahh well.
    • But I can use "Google Analytics".
  • Removed "Learn About Stroke" menu (DONE):
    • Many sub-links start to break in SSAO.
    • Maybe Gail or the sub-committee can talk to SSAO or repair it:
      • e.g. Dale Lynch -