Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fraser Wins the Cup !!


 Ad-hoc Darts Cup (and X-O's to boot !!)

Here is Fraser right after he wins the trophy!
It was a good night to do this - a good crowd

Sunday, June 05, 2011

SRAE Seek, Eat and Speak for Aphasia!

To celebrate June as “Aphasia Awareness Month”, the Aphasia Awareness Committee of Alberta held its Second Annual event, “Seek, Eat and Speak for Aphasia,” on

aac Sunday, June 5, 2011 with the Stroke Recovery Association Edmonton (SRAE) picnic.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SRAE Newsletter - June 2011

Jackie Poff: “Stroke awareness is important”

Who expects a stroke at 38 years of age? Jackie Poff didn’t She was the senior buyer for one of the largest computing supply companies in North America and mother of two girls age 18 and 13. She had a staff of 12 including her daughter. Jackie loved the customers. She laughs wryly, “I took care of them right up until the day before my stroke” “My grandfather passed away the day before, I put orders in for several customers and the next day had the stroke. “I did get to the hospital and they did give me the clot-buster TPa, but it didn’t work. It did artery damage that I have to have something done with now.” But I lucky, they transferred me to the University Hospital and Dr.Findlay did surgery to remove part of my skull because there was so much brain swelling. That saved my life. From there I went back to Stony Plain Hospital and then to the Glenrose.” 

Letter from Mary Suggett

Here is the letter from Mary Suggett.  The first sentence is very clear (and I add emphasis):
"You may link to www.gocomics.com directly from your blog. ..."
 I changed the style to the direct link to GoComics.com (and Dilbert.com) from S.S.Tattler.

cheers / SSTattler

January 5, 2012


Dear Mr. Anderson,

You may link to www.gocomics.com directly from your blog. But unless you’d be willing to enter into an agreement to pay for the cartoons you wish to post. I’m afraid this is your only option. Just as you point out in your email I’ve quoted below.
I can link to GoComics.com to specific cartoon:  "<a href="http://www.gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2008/07/30" title="http://www.gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/"> <img src="http://cdn.svcs.c2.uclick.com/c2/204630705f35012ee3c100163e41dd5b?width=640.0" I /></a><br />".  No trouble at all and the image is in the site cdn.svcs.c2.uclick.com/c2/.... not in my site.  But legal it is unclear to me."

I hope this helps.

Mary Suggett, Permissions Director
Universal Uclick
1130 Walnut St.
Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
816-581-7500 x7394
msuggett @ amuniversal.com

From: John C.Anderson
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 7:36 PM
To: Adams, Patty
Cc: Anderson John
Subject: Hi Patty, I'm John C. Anderson and I need help/permission….
Hi Patty Adams,

   I am John C. Anderson and I have a personal "blogSpot" stroke-survivors.org or http://www.stroke-survivors.blogspot.com.  I had a stroke 15 years ago and  I have aphasia, so if you can call me at 780-628-4222 but e-mail is better.  

   The past 3 months I put cartoons, mostly Dilbert, and then I found recently For Better and For Worse starting 2006.  It tell you the story about 'Grandpa Jim' and he has a stroke -- it takes more than 60+ strips.  Approx 20 - 30 people in Edmonton with various kind of stroke they loves the series of FBandFW cartoons specially about stroke.   They told me (and I agree) to re-publish on my web site with FBandFW & stroke, probably every week, to the end of the series.  But I have a problem:
    • Remove the links to GoComics.com cartoon -- it is illegal,
    • or you want lots of money for, of course, a fee,
    • or my code it OK but it has to be modified with ...?,
    • or anything "links" with GoComics.com will cost $0.00,
    • .... ??

John C. Anderson