Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Real-Life Experience -- Lynn Johnston

Many storylines in For Better or For Worse are snapshots of real events in Lynn's life. Several years ago, Lynn's mother-in-law, Ruth, had a stroke in her home. Ruth was standing at her stove, and was in the kitchen with her husband Tom, her son Rod, and Lynn. She turned to face them, said nothing and simply slid down to the floor. Lynn's recollection of Ruth's stroke has been told through Grandpa Jim.

Because the story about Grandpa Jim's stroke was so true to life, there was not a lot of room for fiction. It was important to research the facts. What resources are available for stroke sufferers? What is a probable diagnosis for Jim and what should be his path for maximizing his quality of life?

Read the article Lynn Johnston drawing comics For Better or For Worse for her Grandpa Jim.

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  1. John, What an awesome project. Thank you for doing this!