Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ad-hoc Darts at the Elephant & Castle

Ad-hoc Darts at the Elephant & Castle
Tuesday at 7pm on Nov 29, 2011.
Located in City Centre - downtown - 3rd floor near the Bay.
10200 102 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 4B7
(780) 424-4555

We will examine the Elephant & Castle for Ad-hoc Darts group but we need to know:
  • Transport by LRT or bus is excellent and very close (1 block),  but how about the car - is there is park-aide close? cost? where is it?
  • You have some disability - escalator OK? elevator OK? where is it?
  • Pub meals - cost? good meal? choice?
  • Drinks - cost?  they have draft? they have Guinness??
  • We will go - every week? every month? frequent? never?
If you have an opinion please talk to either Carrie, Randy or John on Tuesday night. Opinions are much more valuable than silence - even a little opinion has great importance!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tips for Improving Fine Motor Skills

Excerpted from "Fine Tuning: Tips for Improving Fine Motor Skills", Stroke Connection Magazine, September/October 2003 (Science review May 2008)
        Fine motor skills are small, precise, coordinated movements, like using your fingers to pick up a coin. Fine motor skills require integrating muscular, skeletal and neurological functions. Physical and occupational therapists can work with you to practice these skills after stroke.
       “The theory is that you can create new pathways in the brain to compensate for injured areas,” says occupational therapist Rondi Blackburn. “The key is to use your affected side as much as possible and to repeat activities several times each day.
       “At Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation ....
Read the full article.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elf -- Movie -- December 2nd at MacEwan!

Free Drop in Event at: 
         MacEwan  109 St. & 104 Ave.
Dive In Movies on Friday December 2nd:
      6:30 - Activities
      7:00 - Movie

Please come to the movie especially Stroke Survivors and friends!


Friday, November 11, 2011

“My Life is not a Tragedy” Players

From Edmonton:
There is a play at the Glenrose
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
at 7:00pm
At the Bill Black Auditorium - inside the Glenrose.

“My Life is not a Tragedy” Players.

Cost is free!  Everyone is welcome to come.

 Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre – 10230-111 Avenue
(North across from Royal Alex Hospital)

Come in the Front Doors, ask at the desk 
for the location of the Bill Black Auditorium.

Putting the Possibility in Disability

Jackie Poff
Stroke Survivors Tattler
by Jackie Poff

Some stroke survivors remember vividly their strokes and the events leading up to and around their strokes. I personally remember very little about my stroke – thankfully! 

It has been three and one half years since my stroke, which took place on a very cold morning in January 2008. But here is what I do know about that day. On January 22nd (the day before my stroke) I was taking advantage of my lunch hour at work by taking with me my daughter, Nicole, who I had had the great pleasure of hiring onto my staff. We headed out to start apartment hunting for her. I received a phone from my mother informing me that my grandfather, Jack, who I was named after, had passed away at ninety years old. 

That evening our family gathered at grandpa’s house in Tofield to discuss his passing. We arrived back home on our acreage near Spruce Grove much later than we intended. We all crawled into bed exhausted and I, as always, slept like a log. 

I did remember to set my alarm for 6:30 in order to give Michelle, our youngest daughter, then thirteen, a ride to school for an early morning handball practice. When the alarm went off, I stumbled out of bed and went to the bathroom to run a brush through my hair. My husband Larry, a light sleeper, followed me and asked me why I was up so early. As he questioned me, suddenly my words became gibberish and I started to fall over. Larry, wondering what the heck was going on, caught me and rushed me to our bed. I was not responding. Nothing I did or said made any sense. 

Larry recognized that I must be having a stroke. He managed to call our families and yell to the kids. He threw me in the car and got me to the nearest hospital, the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert.

SRAE Newsletter - November 2011

Wendy Pangrass:

Not only is Wendy Pangrass an accomplished speaker, speaking at the International Womans year in Ottawa, she has also been a member of many boards such as YWCA, Habitat for Humanity, Strathcona County Family Services Advisory Committee, as well as many others. On Father’s Day, June 15, 2008, when she suddenly developed numbness of her left side and the loss of her speech, she knew instinctively that something was wrong. “My son is a Firefighter/EMT and he has always told me to call 911, and if need be, always stay on the line” says Wendy. “I did and when they answered all I could do was grunt. They were not exactly sure of my need but told me to stay on the line until the paramedics arrived. In less than 10 minutes they were there and after a quick assessment I was off to the hospital.”

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Tie Shoes with One Hand !

If the stroke left you with the use of one-hand tie shoes can be a problem but you can:
  • get shoes with velcro straps or slip on,
  • get elastic laces,
  • learn to tie shoes with one-hand.
These videos will show you a trick to tie your shoes with one-handed.