Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cycling Comfort At Its Best

Tadpole Recumbent Trikes.

The trikes we ride are known as "tadpole recumbent trikes". (We can also order delta trikes which have the two wheels on the rear & one on the front).  "Recumbent" means that you are sitting in down with your feet in front of you. These "trikes" have three wheels with two in the front and one behind the rider. This style of trike is known as a "tadpole".

A Bike?

These trikes ride like a little sports car or a go-cart. With their extremely low centre of gravity it is easy to take fast turns without fear of flipping over. Like a bicycle, these trikes are pedal powered and will go as fast as you can pedal. Unlike a bicycle, the trike does not lean when turning, so it is up to the rider to lean and keep all the wheels on the ground. Turning is done with the steering bar that goes under the seat and has handles on each side.


Riding a trike is similar to pedalling a really comfortable lawn chair. Most of our trikes have a mesh seat which keeps you cool, and many models offer adjustable seat positions. Some people ask if it is uncomfortable to pedal with your feet in front of you. Actually, it is very easy and isolates most of the pedalling effort to your legs, which means that your entire upper body does not become fatigued. The recumbent trike is fast becoming the cyclist's machine of choice for long tours precisely because you can ride all day without hurting.


It depends on who is asking and how much riding experience you have. Because of the recumbent position of the rider, different muscles are used to pedal. You cannot use gravity to help you by standing on the pedals and instead you learn to "spin" the pedals. Most people that are currently fast riders will find the trike to be slower initially because of this.  However, once accustomed to the recumbent style of riding it is possible to go very fast. One of our team riders has a modified trike and regularly cruises at 40km, with flat-road burst speeds of 60km, and down-hill even more.


Adult trikes range in price from $699.00 usd to over $5000.00 (import costs will apply as charged to dealership)...  Just as with bicycles, much depends on the features and components. We offer many ways to customize your trike to best fit your needs and budget. When considering the price of gas nowadays, people everywhere are looking for alternative transportation. Replacing some of your commute with riding a trike will save you money and provide a healthier you.


Riding a trike is very safe and offers some safety advantages over riding a conventional bicycle. It is very stable at any speed and eliminates the need to balance. Instead of wobbling up a hill you can go as slow as you want and even rest without taking your feet off of the pedals. Riding in traffic is also very safe. Since most people have not seen trikes regularly they usually give you more room and slow down to take a look. If you are riding in tight traffic you can enhance your visibility with a flag or neon coloured tail-sock.


If you want to learn more about trikes we have lots of information on our website. For trike reviews and articles about trikes check out & try a google search on "recumbent tadpole & delta trikes....."

Where to find them?

Bentley Cycle & Trading Post
Bentley, Alberta, Cdn.
4932-50th Ave. P.O. Box 114
Phone/Fax # 1-403-748-3176

 Comments of SSTattler:

SSTattler: Monty, Gary, and myself went to Bentley Cycle & Trading Post last summer.  The shop has a huge new recumbents - on the ceiling, mounted on the walls, and sitting on the floor.  We were welcome to sit on the trike,  discuss about accessorizes & parts, and, if we want, take the trike for a demo outside.  The Bentley gentleman knows some people have a disability - you absolutely need 1) SPD pedals (any bike shop, cures a "gimp" leg), 2) Bentley can adapt a trike  to one-hand to the gears & the brake (me - necessary as well).  My advise to you:
  • Come to my house (or Monty's house or ...) - see a real recumbent trike - maybe it is for you and maybe it is not but I least you can see it.
  • Take it for a ride - in the garage or a couple of blocks.  A have MR-Swift (made in Australia) with one-hand controls, and a Catrike (made in Florida) with normal controls.
  • SPD Pedal / Shoe
    (e.g. Mountain Equipment Co-op)
  • If you do not know what "SPD pedals" (and mostly people do not know) SPD means "Shimano Pedalling Dynamic" and the cost is approximately $35 for the pedals & $50 (and up) for the shoes.  They work for years, so the investment is minimal.

   Have a beautiful ride / John A.


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