Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finding Something Interesting To Do After Stroke!

Different people have different interests.  If you didn’t play basketball or the piano before stroke, it isn’t likely that you want to take up wheelchair basketball or learn to play the piano after your stroke.  We really need to think about Different Strokes for Different Folks — or at least different activities that are aligned with your interests.  So what are your interests and how do you find activities that fit your interest?

Larry and Jackie are interested in restoring classic cars and they highly recommend Rock'n August.  It is an international car show and music festival taking place in St. Albert, Alberta (a suburb of Edmonton). When: Tuesday, August the 7th, 2012 through Saturday the 11th, 2012. Information: http://www.rocknaugust.com

Interested in Watching plays, acting, Clowning, Improv, Comedy? Sharon recommends the Creative Age Festival. The 2012 Creative Age Festival takes place June 8 - 10. It encourages seniors to become more involved in the arts and promotes quality arts-based programming for seniors of any age and their families. Information: www.cafestival.ca

Interested in learning? – Remember  ELLA Edmonton Lifelong Learning Association — Register now because these interesting courses fill up fast! Information: http://web.extension.ualberta.ca/extcms/index.php/ella/

What else is coming up in Edmonton?  The Kiwanis Music Festival, the Edmonton Symphony,  other festivals, or plays.  Try the Edmonton Events Calendar:  http://www.edmonton.com/for-visitors/calendar-of-events.aspx

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