Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saturday Comics

For Better and For Worse
Lynn Johnston - 2008-08-28

"Iris?? Tell me the truth..."
Scott Adams - 2013-11-04

"Some jerk steals my cables and replaces them..."

Jim Davis - 2013/11/05

"Modern technology is a wondrous thing!"

Delainey & Rasmussen - 2013/11/07

"The brain is like a muscle..."

*For Better and For Worse" is a serious topic of stroke but with a very nice cartoons. It is all about Grandpa Jim had a stroke and 88 further cartoon "strips" that happened to Grandpa Jim. See as well 
 the cartoonist Lynn Johnston.
** I tried to get low or free price at the people for the images for the cartoons. It was too high for Stroke Survivors Tattler i.e. we are not a regular newspaper and our budget is very low. Fortunately, you will have to do only 1-click more to see the cartoon image, it is legit and it is free using and
*** Changed from "Pickles" to "Betty" -- "Betty" is a excellent cartoon and Gary Delainey & Gerry Rasmussen are authors/artists/cartoon-strips and they live in Edmonton.

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