Saturday, December 07, 2013

Oopsie Daisy! My Bad

Jo Murphey
The Murphey Saga
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boy oh boy, when I do something wrong, I really do it. Today I was giving Babs the Bunny her brush out and I made a discovery. Part of rabbit grooming is checking their vent periodically throughout the day to make sure feces hasn't matted over the works. This is crucial for a angora rabbit like Babs is.

As it would happen there was junk matted in her hair. It becomes a whole huge production with one hand. Luckily for me she's a good bunny. I gathered the bowl of warm water and an ample supply of paper towels and q-tips. I placed her on her back on my now non-functioning arm with her head tucked between my arm and my side. Meanwhile I'm talking to her calmly and rubbing her belly. She likes that.

As I was cleaning her up, I pulled on her vent to make sure she was clean and out popped a tiny 1/4 inch penis. So long story short, Babs the Bunny is now Buddy the Bunny. I'm sure glad it isn't Spring when I would have tried breeding him. Oy vey! That would have been a nightmare! Now I know to purchase a Babs for him.

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