Saturday, February 28, 2015

Climbing that wall – Stroke survivor CLARE! Never say NO!

Kate Allatt
Stroke Recovery Tips
February 20, 2015

SSTattler: This is a LARGE article so you can see at the whole article Stroke Recovery Tips - Climbing that wall...

I have to share with you the most amazing story of grit, determination and desire to feel ‘normal’ again. Hats off Clare. In fact I wrote this response to their blog (below) on Facebook.


What fabulous support too!

You know what resonated with me was the line in the blog:

‘Real freedom to move. Freedom from the wheelchair.’

My best mate said to me one day, ‘if you could walk or talk in life, what would you choose?’

My answer: to walk. Whilst my wheelchair was o important and useful to me in hospital and beyond it represented something I despised.  Just my truth.

‘Christmas portions … a lavish triple helping of blog coming up, to catch up. Next entry will have the exciting (and chalky) start to 2015.

Mid-November’s climb at the Foundry is at the shapely dalmations. Hazel is up high when we arrive, climbing a non-dalmation (trickier) class of holds.

A quick news catch up … the 3 new wheelchair climbers have visited the Foundry twice, success!

And Lasse is doing OK after his bike stunts with Robin, though he’s had his broken collar bone operated on in Germany, and it turns out his shoulder blade is fractured too.

Nick hints at new equipment later, but Clare gets started with a climb on the holds.

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