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         What Happens per Day for 2014?

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What Happens per Day for 2014?

We publish every week Saturday News, except for the summer, and to take the average for statistics for a whole year (Google Analytics). For specifically 2014, it will add the stats: Sundays / 52, Mondays / 52,..., Saturdays / 52 and yield 7 total of each avgSunday, avgMonday,..., avgSaturday with Unique User. So:
  • Min(avgSunday,..., avgSaturday) = 50.4 UU,
  • Max(avgSunday,..., avgSaturday) = 61.8 UU.
And so we have 55 readers per day ± a tad and the range is 50 to 60 readers ± a tad.

As well, the graph shape for every week it will tell us points below & the graph:
  1. On Saturday day we have new Saturday News and gain to the mildly UU = 54 midnight. (I thought the new Saturday News on Saturday has the biggest UU - it is the next day!),
  2. Climb rapidly (sic!) thru Sunday to midnight 12am UU = 62.
  3. Monday thru Wednesday they will mildly drop to about UU = 58.
  4. Morning Thursday has little bump to about UU = 61. (I’m sure a sent my e-mail "Preview this Saturday News⌘1 early every Thursday morning - if you want it, just e-mail to and I will add you to the list).
  5. Late Thursday to very early Saturday will drop rapidly to UU = 50. And then point (1) to start again...
⌘2 - Statistically wise, stats based 7 to 10 UU probably true, stats based 52 UU is a fact or you can prove me wrong!

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