Saturday, February 28, 2015

People with Aphasia Should Reset the Bar

Rebecca Dutton
Home After a Stroke
April 3, 2013

Since my stroke I have struggled to find the right word and utter coherent sentences when I'm stressed, barely awake, and tired at night.  A daily calendar called "The Stupidest Things Ever Said" makes me feel better about using the wrong word and saying sentences that don't make sense. The fact that Steve Jobs practiced for ten hours before he made a ten minute speech at an Apple computer convention is more believable after reading the examples below.  When I get embarassed about my ability to speak I try to remind myself to be more realistic.

"I will perish it forever."   Johnny Logan accepting a award

"He has to start a little bit better than he has already begun."   sportscaster David Pleat

"The wind won't make it easier, but it will make it less difficult."   golf commentator Bernard Gallacher

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