Saturday, February 14, 2015

Self Management and #Strokerecovery Tweetchat 10th Feb 5pm GMT

Kate Allatt
Stroke Recovery Tips
February 7, 2015

SSTattler: Tweetchat happened on the 10th and, unfortunately, SSTattler will publish on the 14th BUT there is much more information about "Self Management", about "themes", etc... below.

This months’ tweetchat should be very interactive judging by the global interest so far!

We are discussing these 4 central themes with our hashtag #strokerecovery
  • T1: What do you think about self-management after stroke?
  • T2: How relevant is self-management after stroke? Do you think that stroke survivors can manage stroke by themselves?
  • T3: What preparation and support do survivors need if they are to self-manage stroke?
  • T4: What are the barriers to self-management after stroke?
See you there! 5pm GMT 10.2.15!

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