Saturday, February 21, 2015

#Strokerecovery Tweetchat on Technology

Sharon D. Anderson
Stroke Survivors Tattler
Feb 15 / 2015

March 10 5PM GMT and 10 AM MST (Alberta) Time

After surveying survivors, key supporters, families, researchers, and health professionals, this is the list of questions for our Tweetchat:
  • T1. What technology do you use yourself or in #strokerecovery therapy ?
  • T2. Is there some technology you would like to use but don't?  Why  do you use or not use technology?
  • T3. What are the main barriers to using technology or treating survivors  with technology?
  • T4. How can  those barriers be overcome?
  • T5. Where do you find out about proven evidence-based #strokerecovery technology?

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