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Amy Shissler
My Cerebellar Stroke Recovery
March 16, 2015

My therapist told me today that NPR is doing a fascinating series of shows this week about the cerebellum.  It obviously caught my attention.  Here it is.  I kinda always thought that the cerebellum only affected physical stuff, boy was I wrong.  Physically, the cerebellum ‘fine tunes’ movements.  Like the writing thing that I cannot do, my brain can’t control that fine motor movement enough to let me do that.  Bringing a fork or drink to my mouth with my right hand, can’t do it.  I don’t have the fine tuning of that movement anymore.

So since the cerebellum controls fine motor movements, it makes perfect sense that the cerebellum would also have a role in fine tuning emotions.  This I also lost.  Sometimes, I just can’t control my emotions or the way that I act.  I can’t put on the brakes to my emotions that I used to be able to do and that is socially acceptable.  I can fly off the handle at a moment’s notice, if the wrong thing is said to me.  And I hate it.  I would voluntarily amputate my “good” left arm if it meant that I never had to deal with these emotions anymore.  Unfortunately, until Pat came into my life, nobody except one friend of mine tried to understand this about me and very often things were said to me to make my anger much worse.  This has led me to cutting off communication with certain people because I just can’t keep banging my head against the wall trying to explain this and getting nowhere.  Talk about stress.  Meditation helps this greatly.  C’mon neurologists, seriously.  There is so much that neurologists should be recommending to patients that have loads and loads of research, Dean will tell you all about it.  But my big thing is meditation.  So, c’mon docs, you’re being negligent.

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