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Introduction Movie Mark Ittleman using Teaching of Talking Method Stroke Patients with Aphasia

Mark A. Ittleman
The Teaching of Talking
Published on Apr 24, 2012

Mark Ittleman, The speech pathologist who can make a rock talk conducts a seminar in Houston Texas to demonstrate the Teaching of Talking Method. Ittleman has just published a revolutionary approach to speech therapy with those who have aphasia and voice difficulties. His book is entitled The Teaching of Talking: Learn to do expert speech therapy at home with children and adults.

This Introduction to the Teaching of Talking Method showcases Mark Ittleman, as he relates and stimulates speech and language. He is focused and engaging and shows that speech therapy can be done anywhere without a lot of papers, notebooks, or impersonal computers. What is important is the stimulation of an interchange of speaking around a person's interests and passions. Stop by our website at and order your copy of Teaching of Talking.

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