Saturday, March 28, 2015

Laid-Back Administration: Thanks Google!

John C. Anderson
Stroke Survivors Tattler
I got an invoice from Google:
We're attaching a copy of your monthly invoice, detailing your Google Enterprise activity, for your records. There's no action required on your part as we'll continue to charge you automatically using the payment info we have on file.
Well, I was bit angry at least! My Google invoice yearly is $10.00 USD for the domain and that is all! So, I opened my invoice they said:

Bill to:          Details:
---------------   ---------------------------  
JOHN C ANDERSON   Credit memo number:     ...
     ...          Issue date:             ...
     ...          Payment terms:          ...
     ...          Billing ID:             ...
                  Billing Account Number: ...

Google Enterprise
Account ID: 

Description           Amount ($)
Courtesy                  -10.00 
Subtotal:                 -10.00 
* Tax (0%):                 0.00
Amount in USD:            -10.00

They gave -$10 bucks back for “Courtesy"! I was flabbergasted! Google Enterprise is a very, very large corporation. I know the billing address (in California) but to call them is difficulty at least and SSTattler only with 1 employee i.e. me (maybe 2 if you include Dr. Cranium). Maybe it is:
  • the topic of Stroke it very important but I do not think so for Google,
  • the great 43 blog/e-mail Guest Bloggers but I do not think so for Google,
  • very nice readers / e-mail of SSTattler but I do not think so for Google,
  • Wikipedia is completely free so anybody can do it,
  • YouTube is mostly free and it is part of Google so I do not think so,
  • lots of ideas but half baked, rolling around my partly broken brain,
  • Hmmm, I really do not know what ticks in Google - I’ll have to visit Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have coffee, and they will tell me!
Well I can least say "Thanks to Google Enterprise" from a "Courtesy" invoice. Thank-you!

John C. Anderson
Stroke Survivors Tattler

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