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Every Day I'm Shufflin'

Pamela Hsieh
Rehab Revolution
23 December 2012

A video a week is definitely overstretching, at least during this saturated holiday season. Not to mention I’m overloading my computer’s hard drive with so much stuff these days, what with my photography practice (more on that later) and all the audio programs I seem to buy every five minutes. (No regrets -- audio programs and books are awesome.)

My friend got me an awesome new neck strap for Christmas!

My friend got me an awesome
new neck strap for Christmas!
So, sorry, everyone, I’m going to commit to regular videos at least on a biweekly basis. As I write this, I’m already overwhelmed with all the footage I have to go through in order to stitch together a worthwhile first video montage for you -- but I’m not going to quit!

Anyway, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I wanted to announce my Christmas gift to myself: an iPod Shuffle. They were on sale at Best Buy this week, and I had bought one ages ago to “lend” to my former boyfriend to replace the iPod I’d gotten him for Christmas that was later stolen. I say “lend” in quotes because it was understood that I was really giving it to him with no expectation of getting it back.

But I digress. Before I shipped it off to its new owner overseas (he was Italian, remember?), I used it for a little while, and its tiny size made for music-filled trips to the gym. If you’re like me and you hate carrying your iPhone with you from machine to machine at the gym, the Shuffle clips right onto your clothing and is so lightweight that you can totally forget it’s even there!

Anthony swears by it for jogs out in the neighborhood. All the more incentive to get yourself moving! (Believe me, a boring walk on the treadmill gets far more interesting when you have something to listen to.)

Shuffles are by far the most inexpensive iPods available -- they come in tons of fun colors, and I really had to deliberate over my go-to fave (pink, if you haven’t already noticed), purple, or electric blue. They only carry 2GB, so when you’re connecting to iTunes, you have to create a small playlist to transfer into it.

Isn't she cute?
Regardless, this little thing (only about a square inch big!) packs a huge punch and makes exercise a breeze.

Plus, it makes listening to your audio programs on the go a cinch, too. ;)

To our healing,

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