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Amy Shissler
My Cerebellar Stroke Recovery
February 22, 2014

I said something in a comment once about falls and our friend Dean replied that I would make an excellent neuro PT and that I might actually know what I’m talking about.  Now, I had to do a post about this because Dean has a strong, strong dislike of physical therapists, understandably so.  So him saying that is a HUGE HUGE compliment!  What I said that made him say that was this…..All neuro PTs listen up!  Falls are a necessary evil for stroke survivors.  It’s gonna happen.  It just is going to happen.  So instead of therapy focusing so much on preventing a fall, therapy should focus on what to do in certain scenarios.  If someone is falling, teach them to throw out a protective extension, if possible.  Teach them and practice ways to control the fall as best as possible.  Dean said, and I LOVE this, that learning to walk again after a stroke is just a series of controlled falls.  Good God that’s beautiful.  Therapy needs to teach people how to get up after a fall.  I know for a fact this skill is not taught.  Maybe it’s taught to some people, but it’s sure as hell not taught to the majority of patients.  A series of controlled falls, therapy needs to focus on controlling those falls, not preventing them.

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