Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tadpole Update: Spokes Fighting Strokes - Preview

Rails to Trails Tour (aka RTT)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Decpina, North Carolina
and back
(June 1st to September 29th)

Calling: All Trike & Bike Riding - Ride with Dan, Cat & Zach
(Dan's son Zach also HHT!)
Spokes Fighting Strokes

Summer Ride 2015

We would like to invite you to participate in our joint venture to spread awareness about Stroke, Brain Injury & HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia) which caused Dan's stroke.

Catherine is the survivor of 2 brain injuries. She survived a criminal assault, and learned how to walk and talk 2 times after her injuries. To learn more about Catherine's story

Catherine Brubaker has joined Spokes Fighting Strokes as a board member and brings to the organization her education, (masters in organizational leadership), and skills sets with marketing and networking which she will apply to grow SFS.

Catherine has followed her own calling and found her voice by starting her own foundation Hope For Trauma.  Both foundations focus on recumbent cycling and recovery.

Cat and Dan have found that by working together and sharing their stories together, they have a greater impact and can be more effective. Both attribute recumbent cycling to being KEY on their road recovery.

This summer, the plan is to travel to various states Dans Chevy truck pulling 30 RV trailer and recumbent trikes to speak at various pre-arranged facilities in order to raise awareness of HHT, strokes, and brain injuries.  The logistics are still in the planning stages and partnerships are still being formed in various states.

Ideally, while Dan is speaking about HHT to a specific target audience, Catherine would be speaking about brain injury to a specific target audience. Remembering, that stroke is, in effect, a brain injury, Dan and Catherine have similar challenges not related to HHT, but separate causes to voice.

Media would be contacted as every opportunity arises and shared alike.

We are in late planning stages of this event and relying on support from you to help us achieve our mutual goals. Dan estimates the cost is just over $7300.  Dan has asked family and friends if he could park the RV in their driveway to save $$.
  • Dan's doctor, Matthew Hummel  $1000
  • Health South $1500
  • Knight & Day Cleaner $500
  • Unique Cabinetry LLC $500
which is a great start!   Please help!

On our last years ride across America, 5390 miles, we learned a lot about logistics of planning, handling media, managing social media and triking for awareness.  People flocked to us on these trikes. They are curious about the trikes, they are curious about our stories.  Our stories are powerful.  We all know facts tell, stories sell.

Cat & I each have 700's, we plan buy two folding trikes to Spokes Fighting Strokes & plan to take stroke & brain injury survivors on the journey to take back their lives one step at time!

We could work with Health South or another organization to screen riders for appropriateness or readiness for our program.  For both of us, riding a trike has been the single most impactful stepping stone in recovery, gaining freedom and Independence.

We feel so happy to have a sense of purpose. Now it's time to think about helping others.

Our goal is to safely teach survivors how to ride a trike on the Greenbelt in Scottsdale Arizona.  We would like to ride with stroke & brain injury survivors one or two days a week and show them how easy it can be.  After spending some time riding with Catherine & I on the Greenbelt, we could help set up Go fund me webpages to encourage each survivor to be able to purchase their own Catrike through Catrike authorized dealers. We could then work with new survivors.

We are sharing our personal experiences with the Hope of making the world a better place for tomorrow. Support us today by donating on  We are a 501(c) (3)tax exempt organization.  Donations may be tax deductible, please see your accountant for details.

Dan Zimmerman  "DanTrikeMan"
Catherine Brubaker  "Cat"
Spokes Fighting Strokes Inc. is a 501(c)(3)

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