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Video: Sticky Keys & Keyboard Shortcut

1. Turn ON Sticky Keys, and then... 
2. Use the Keyboard Shortcut (and practice a little bit... :-) 
    2a. Word 
    2b. Excel 
    2c. PowerPoint 
    2d. Raw Text - Emacs or Vim or ... 
 and so on ....

1. Turn ON Sticky Keys

Sticky Keys

Published on Sep 24, 2012

SSTattler: First they display on Microsoft and then display on iMac... very easy!

Many individuals are unable to press more than one key at once on a standard keyboard. Sticky Keys is an accessibility option built into Mac and Windows operating systems. This short video show how to set it up.

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2. Use the Keyboard Shortcut (and practice a little bit... :-)

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Published on Feb 3, 2013

SSTattler: Similar Microsoft, Linux,...

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts by →
(Click on the time to go to the shortcut demonstration)

1. ⌘C = Copy (1:32)
2. ⌘V = Paste (2:40)
3. ⌘X = Cut (3:08)
4. ⌘A = Select all (3:34)
5. ⌘Z = Undo (4:05)
6. ⌘⇧Z = Redo (4:49)
7. ⌘Tab = Switch programs (5:15)
8. ⌘` = Next window in current program (5:43)
9. ⌘W = Close window (6:07)
10. ⌘N = New window/document (6:37)
11. ⌘S = Save document (6:55)
12. ⇧⌘S = Save document as... (7:29)
13. ⌘O = Open document (7:58)
14. ⌘P = Print document (8:28)
15. ⌘Q = Quit program (9:04)
16. ⌘Spacebar = Open Spotlight (9:16)
17. ⌘⇧N = Create new Folder (9:39)
18. ⌘Delete = Delete Files (9:52)
19. ⌘⇧Delete = Empty Trash (10:13)
20. ⌘, = Open Preferences (11:01)
21. ⌘←, ⌘→ = Move to start/end of line (11:22)
22. ⌘↑, ⌘↓ = Move to top/bottom of document (11:58)
23. ⌘⇧3 = Capture entire screen (12:30)
24. ⌘⇧4 = Capture custom area (13:01)
25. ⌘⇧4 Spacebar = Capture window (13:46)

For a complete list of Mac shortcuts go to:

Video tutorial produced by

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15 Best Keyboard Shortcuts Ever (Mac & PC)

Uploaded on Dec 30, 2009

Speed up your computing life immeasurably with these shortcuts for multiple programs and OSes.

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Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn't Know About

Published on Dec 11, 2013

SSTattler: Or the “three finger salute” by David Bradley and Bill Gates...

as Most folks know about the dreaded CTRL+ALT+DEL key combo. But did you know there are dozens upon dozens of secret keyboard shortcuts that could save you time and hassle? These are the top ten most useful key combos you never knew about.

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2a. Word

Word 2010: Keyboard Shortcuts

Published on Mar 24, 2012

This is a video on Microsoft Word 2010 a program that comes with Microsoft Office. This text editing software has multi-step shortcuts for every feature. It is possible to create your own shortcuts and change the default short cut keys. It is also possible to restore back the shortcuts to the defaults. Microsoft Word runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and 2008.

Providing training videos since last Tuesday.
Thanks for watching!

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Office for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - Word

Uploaded on Jun 15, 2010

With more than 1000 keyboard shortcuts in the Office for Mac Suite, and the ability to create your own, it's great to hone in on some of the most-used keyboard shortcuts available to you. To round out our keyboard shortcuts series from Microsoft Student Partner Tristan Gibeau, we've got his expert recommendations of simple shortcuts that can be used in Word for Mac to maximize efficiency. Hopefully this will help you find more time to focus on the content as you speed through text formatting.

Among the key text-formatting shortcuts covered in this video are:

• Select all text: command + "A”
• Bold text: command + "B”
• Italicize text: command + "I”
• Underline text: command + "U”
• And much more!

What is your go-to keyboard shortcut within Word for Mac?

Standard YouTube License @ Tristan Gibeau YouTube Page

2b. Excel

Office for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - Excel

Uploaded on May 19, 2010

I go over a few key keyboard shortcuts used in Excel 2008 for Mac. I look at how to customize your keyboard shortcuts to work better for you! I hope it helps, and let me know of any keyboard shortcut that you use a lot!

Standard YouTube License @ Tristan Gibeau YouTube Page

Excel Basics #2: Keyboard Shortcuts

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2008

Download workbook The Excel Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end.

#2 Video topics: 
1) Ctrl + C = Copy
2) Ctrl + V = Paste
3) Ctrl + X = Cut
4) Excel 2007 Screen Tips with keyboard shortcuts
5) Ctrl + F2 = Print Preview
6) How to Discover all the Alt keyboard shortcuts (Excel 2003 and 2007)
7) Excel 2003 Alt + F + U = Page Setup
8) Excel 2007 Alt P + S + P = Page Setup
9) Ctrl + Arrows keys = Move to end of current region
10) Ctrl + Home = select cell A1
11) Ctrl + Roller-ball-on-mouse = Zoom
12) Atl + = is the keyboard for Auto SUM
13) Shift + Click selects range between to cells
14) Ctrl + Shift + arrow = Select whole current region (This trick is the best Execl keyboard shortcut)

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2c. PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 4 Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Published on Oct 28, 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Playlist of Series :

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60 Sec. PowerPoint ProTip » Repeat Action Keyboard Shortcut

Published on Oct 8, 2014

60 Second PowerPoint ProTips » Weekly tips for users of all skill levels.


Creating a PowerPoint presentation that’s well designed requires many things, but a major one is uniformity.

In other words, making sure everything has the same look and feel.

Sometimes, in order to get that uniformity, you have to repeat actions over and over again - fortunately, there’s a keyboard shortcut in PowerPoint that allows you to quickly repeat whatever your last action was.

The shortcut is Command-Y on a Mac and Control-Y on a PC.

What’s great is that also works for shapes, and tons of other actions in PowerPoint as well.

That’s it for this week, subscribe if you’d like to follow along and leave a comment for future powerpoint or presentation issues you’d like to see addressed, thanks!

//Keane at

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2d. Raw Text - Emacs or Vim or ...

RT 2011: Screencast 01 - Emacs Keyboard Introduction 

Uploaded on Sep 24, 2011

SSTattler: Everybody who knows EMACS then they know the three special keys cntrl, alt, and cmd but after my stroke I have to learn addition Sticky Keys!

The first video for the 2011 Research Tools (ESCI 895-03) at the University of New Hampshire in the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM). The goal of this video is introduce you to using just the keyboard for working inside the GNU Emacs text editor. This video goes along with lectures 7 and 8.

The research tools website is:

For those interested in how this was captured: This video was captured with iShowU HD on a MacBook Air with Mac OSX 10.7. GNU Emacs 23 was running inside a VMWare Fusion 3.1.3 instance of Ubuntu 11.04 in 32bit mode. I used a plantronics USB-Adaptor02 for the audio and the headset that comes with Dragon Dictate for the Mac.

If you know of similar intro to emacs videos, please link to them in the comments.

See as well:

Standard YouTube License @ Kurt Schwehr

The Editor of a Lifetime

Published on Aug 20, 2014

SSTattler: Good lecture (or gab talk or chitter-chatter or...), a bit long, but I constantly use Emacs for generate "text" from the late 1970s thru today. If you are considering using Emacs: 1) the cost is $0.00, 2) available at GNU Emacs - just read a bit or even try it... !! 

 Perry Metzger has been using Emacs as his text editor since early September, 1983 -- nearly 31 years. Over much of that time, it has also been his primary way to read email, compile programs, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Why would anyone use a single program for that long? This talk is partially intended to answer that question.

Emacs remains one of the most important user interfaces (and text editors) for computer professionals almost 40 years after it was created. The talk is intended to be part history, part philosophy, and part speculation on the future. It will also teach Emacs fans how to explain to their skeptical friends why it is still a good idea to learn a tool from the terminal era that requires memorization of dozens of control sequences in an age of GUIs and smart phones.

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Learn How to Use Vim!

Published on Nov 24, 2013

Vim is my favorite text editor, and I think you should give it a try!

Topics covered:
      - vimtutor
      - My vimrc:

My website:

Standard YouTube License @ Kristian Freeman

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