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Video: Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Desks by Rebel Desk - Setting up the Treadmill Is a Snap

Published on Oct 21, 2013

It's easy to create a treadmill desk and get started with your Rebel Desk Rebel Treadmill 1000. Just a few minutes after taking the treadmill out of the box you'll be off and walking while you work. Add the treadmill to any standing desk for a great treadmill desk solution and beat the sitting blues.

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It's Easy to Walk, Stand, or Sit While You Work

Published on Dec 14, 2013

With a treadmill, desk, and chair from Rebel Desk you can walk, stand, or sit while you work. In this video we show you how easy it is to have it all.

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Treadmill Desks by Rebel Desk - Walking and Working is Easy

Published on Oct 22, 2013

Using a treadmill with a standing desk is easy, as shown in this video with the Rebel Treadmill 1000. Treadmill desks are the new way to avoid the negative health effects of prolonged sitting.

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Treadmill Desks by Rebel Desk - Different Walking Speeds

Published on Oct 24, 2013

The Rebel Desk treadmill desk is a great way to be more active while you work. In this video we demonstrate the different speeds for the Rebel Treadmill 1000.

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Uplift Treadmill Desk - The Human Solution

Published on Mar 14, 2012

The Human Solution is proud to offer the new Uplift Treadmill Desk, which combines the benefits of a sit-to-stand workstation with the health benefits of regular exercise. Benefits of changing your working position throughout the day include energy level improvements, increased blood flow, increased productivity and focus, as well as documented health benefits. By pairing the Uplift Hover 448 with our new Uplift Treadmill, we've created a cost effective ergonomic workstation that will help you "take the next step" toward continued health and fitness.

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How to Make a Treadmill Desk for Less Than $15!

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2012

Learn more running tips and download free training plans at

How to make a treadmill desk to walk and work and improve your lifestyle performance.

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We Tried A Treadmill Desk Because Sitting At Work Is Killing Us

Published on Dec 4, 2013

Ever since we found out that sitting at work is killing us, a bunch of my co-workers at Business Insider have gone all-in on standing desks.

Standing all day gets boring, though, and it makes people restless. So, in our search for a better work desk that won't kill you, we stumbled upon this treadmill desk by LifeSpan.

Some of my co-workers spent an entire day working on the treadmill desk. How hard is it to walk and work at the same time? Watch the video to find out.

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NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Review By Fred Waters

Published on Nov 18, 2014

The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk is designed to improve your health as you work. Learn more at In this review your will see the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk in action. You will see how it can be used as both a desk for walking and sitting. It utilizes a heavy duty treadmill deck.

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How To Quickly And Easily Build An Inexpensive Treadmill Desk

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2011

How To Build A Treadmill Desk In 30 Minutes Or Less For Under $25 Using Ordinary Tools Anyone Can Use.

Link to the shelf I used: $7.84,
Link to the metallic piece: $9.48,
Link to zip ties: $3.07/pack of 100,

I also bought a pack of nine (#12 x 1/2 inch) Phillips head screws. I only used six of them... three per bracket. I put one screw in the middle and one on each end of each bracket.

I hope this helps you out! :-)

Good luck! Now go build your own treadmill desk!

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Product Review: The LifeSpan Treadmill Desk from Best Buy

Published on Mar 28, 2012, America's biggest weight-loss and healthy lifestyle website tests the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk. Full review here: Stay active, burn calories, increase your walking/steps and lose weight by walking during your computer time at home or at work! More about this treadmill desk:

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Treadmill Desk Review

Published on Feb 4, 2013

In this video, I walk through my cheap and low cost treadmill desk setup. It's simple how to do it. I got the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill from Amazon for $250 + Free Shipping. I also used one of my TV trays (tablemate) as a make shift desk. The treadmill itself is not that great, but it is very affordable and great for walking. The runway area is slightly small, but for decently coordinated people, it shouldn't be an issue.

If you have questions or comments, leave them below! :)

Overall, I love this desk. It's great for my back and I feel good staying in motion. If you have joint problems or problems walking for a long period of time, this desk may not be for you.

I keep myself at a low speed of 1-2mph. Any faster and it gets to be a bit difficult to maintain efficiency in typing and mouse movements. Note that it is difficult to get your heart rate up at this speed.

If you're interested in taking off the handle bars so the treadmill is less bulky and easier to slide under your desk, there are some great guides online. Check out my guide:


Tablemate TV Tray -- I turn this backwards to use as a makeshift desk

If you're interested in taking off the handle bars so the treadmill is less bulky and easier to slide under your desk, there are some great guides online. Check out my guide:

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Andy's Treadmill Desk

Published on Sep 23, 2013

Ellen had her friend Andy try out a new treadmill desk. We have the surveillance footage to see how it went.

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