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Imagination Rehab

Grace Carpenter
My Happy Stroke
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The are many things I can't do since the stroke. For instance, I know that riding a bicycle is out of the question. At least for now. My lack of proprioception, sensation, balance issues, and general right-side weakness are a few of the reasons. And it doesn't help that we live on a very hilly neighborhood. I haven't even had the desire to try.

About two months ago, we were driving on level ground, on a road with a bike lane. There was a bicyclist a few yards ahead of us, and from the car window, I had a great view of the bicyclist pedaling. The traffic was moving slowly. I watched him biking for several minutes. Suddenly, I remembered what it felt like to be on a bicycle: the wind, the noise of cars going by, the pedaling, the gliding, my own breath and the pumping of my heart. I had forgotten.

Sometimes I feel the stroke robbed me--temporarily--of parts of my imagination. Until something jogs my memory, my body can't conceive of some of things I used to do. And how I did them.

But little by little, my imagination is coming back.

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