Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Contents of This Week Saturday News June 13th / 2015
      Sexuality and disability refers to the sexual behaviour and practices of people with a disability (PWD). Physical disabilities may change the sexual functioning of a person. However, the disabled person may enjoy sex with the help of sex toys and physical aids (such as bed modifications), by finding suitable sex positions, or through the services provided by a qualified sex worker. The experiences of people with disabilities has shown that the basic human need to form close relationships is as relevant for PWD as it is for humans without a disability. However, a long history of seclusion and segregation of people with disabilities is evident in Western culture, and this has greatly inhibited the ability of PWD to freely meet and socialize with other people. A longer definition comes from Wikipedia.
                   -- (Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored
                   -- A Motion for Masturbation -- The Naked Truth
                   -- Sex and Disability
                   -- Sexuality & Disability
                   -- Sex With Disabilities? 
                   -- PSA: Sexuality and Physical Disability
                   -- 'End The Awkward' - Sex, Dating and Relationships
                   -- Rafe Eric Biggs, PhD talks Sexuality + Disability
                   -- Author/Sexologist Barbara Carrellas on Tantra's Healing Powers 
                             & Redefining Sexual Pleasure
                   -- Disabled People and Sexuality
                   -- Sexuality and Disability in India | Rupsa Mallik | TEDxBangalore
                   -- Making Sex Normal
                   -- Debby Herbenick -- "Why Your Bed is the Ultimate Treehouse"
                   -- The Freak and the Show Girl Review - Disability and Sexuality
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