Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tadpole Update: Reported to June 12th

John C. Anderson
Stroke Survivors Tattler
Rails to Trails Tour (aka RTT)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Decpina, North Carolina
and back
(June 1st to September 29th)

Date        | Start           ✔︎ = DONE
June 2-11   | ✔︎ Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado Springs
            | ✔︎ The Cottonwood Creek 4.7 miles
            | ✔︎ The Foothills Trail 6.6 miles
            | ✔︎ The New Santa Fe Regional Trail 20 miles
            | ✔︎ The Pikes Peak Greenway Trail 16 miles
            | ✔︎ The paved Shooks Run Trail  3.9 miles
            | ✔︎ The Sinton Trail 2.9 miles
            | ✔︎ The Templeton Gap Trail 4.4 miles

June 8th - "Rails to Trails Tour"

     Zach, Cat & I rode around the "Garden of the gods" great time! Foothills Trail close because all the rain. Weather excellent 70-74 degree sunny no wind! We meet lot of people walking, 3 Catrike 700 in row & flag flying! People take lot of pics of us! One man said looking for next indenture, we send him nearest Catrike dealer "Cycle Different" Colorado Springs so beautiful.

Attitude is 90% of life, think positive! "Fins Up"
DanTrikeMan & Cat

-- Dan Zimmerman

June 6th - "Rails to Trails Tour”

    Cat & I rode in a benefit Pedal 4 Possible at Craig Hospital 18.5 miles. The elevation is 6000 feet and there was a lot of ascension feet. Plus Cat's in recovery, so we took it easy. Once we were finished, we had live music, and a huge barbecue!

Cat and I were the guest speakers for the afternoon, It seemed that everyone there already knew the meaning of Hope. There were many different adaptive cycles and an extremely supportive community. We were blown away. We had a great response, a lot of support and we're invite back by Craig hospital to establish deeper relationships with our organizations.
-- Dan Zimmerman

June 4th - "Rails to Trails Tour"

    We rode Cheyenne State Park we saw a dear. Cat & I meet bike club at Fieldhouse Brewing and there will be a group ride to our local world-class velodrome. Wow elevation played big part of our ride, 6000 ft we are used to 600 so climbing hill bit winded.... Cat told our story after ride, Gosoiety put on event! Allen from Angletech adaptive cycle brought range trike & bike was cool!! We meet Jeff Mosher with Sports Corp very nice guy, he will call newspaper our behave. We got back trailer Big hail storm 2" on ground.
-- Dan Zimmerman

June 2nd - "Rails to Trails Tour”

    We left Albuquerque New Mexico to Cheyenne State Park Colorado Springs 389 miles. Beautiful driving, we stop lunch at Blue Moon Cafe Zach try to beet is record gaming all day, Cat took a nap three hours in back seat, she's trooper. We set up trailer. Cheyenne State Park beautiful wow! Cat uncle Mike took us out for dinner.

-- Dan Zimmerman

Map of USA - Rails to Trails Tour (aka RTT):

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