Thursday, July 09, 2015

Brain Posts Hits 3 Million Pageviews

Bill Yates
Brain Posts
July 9th 2015

Dear Brain Posts Reader:

This week has been a fireworks experience for me as Brain Posts passed the 3 million pageview mark.

I started the blog in 2009 and have posted 676 posts over the last six years.

I started the blog primarily as a note-taking forum for my scientific reading. I select neuroscience research I feel is noteworthy and important from PubMed. Selecting a single study for more detailed notes has been a helpful focus and memory tool.

Over 400,000 Brain Posts pageviews have come via the research blogging aggregation website They have a very helpful tool for adding citations to scientific blogs. I highly recommend adding their website to your RSS feed and following them on Twitter  @ResearchBlogs.

I want say thanks to everyone who has been accessing Brain Posts. Readers from the U.S. are the top readers of the site. But I want to also thank readers from around the world including those from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany and India who rank in the top 5 international Brain Posts pageviews. Thanks also to the growing number of readers from Russia and Ukraine in the last year

Brain Posts will remain a commercial free, non-profit site that does not accept sponsored or guest posts. 

I try to limit self promotion on Brain Posts, so you won't see another post like this until 4 million pageviews. Follow me on Twitter @WRY999 for real-time updates to the blog and other links I find informative. You can also subscribe to Brain Posts by using the subscribe by email button on the upper right.

Feel free to contact me directly with comments and recommendations at my email address WRY888 [at]

Best wishes: Bill

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