Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heads Up Walking at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Dean Reinke
Deans’ Stroke Musing
Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SSTattler: Lots of stuff on Winnipeg Folk Festival in Deans' Stroke Musing...

This was not a focused part of the ADLs while I was still in therapy.

On the way out from the main stage with a friend I was focused on the ground as I was walking over the rough spots. Greg asked a question,
Did you see that?' 
'That young woman who just walked by us topless.' 
Later that same evening I met one of the volunteers who was also camping in our tent area.
Did you see the young woman in yellow upper body paint? 
For those preferring mostly naked guys there were lots of opportunities for 20 yearolds, some of the 40+ crowd had substantial beer bellies. Although I would have to say that obesity in Canada is considerably less that in the US.

I need help.

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