Saturday, August 01, 2015

Road Blog #5

Tim Seefeldt
Brain Food Cafe for the Mind
Posted July 31, 2015

We’re here. And so is Pat — she flew in a couple of days ago and stayed with friends.

Everything is in Kristina’s appartment, the rental truck is returned and I’m beat.

K’s out on her balcony looking at the CN Tower. Her location is amazing, walking distane from the University of Toronto and so much more — China Town, Younge Street, you name it.

What’s weird is, now that the road trip is over, a new era has begun for me. I’m now a visitor at her home. After 22 years, that’s a major mind bender.

There are great pics just waiting to be posted, but they’re gonna have to wait. First off, we’re not sure where the camera is. Second, like i said to begin with, we’re beat. So, tomorrow we’re going to post the final pictures of our road trip and the move in.

Oh, no editor for this, and i can’t see straight, so spelling may be especially bad.


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