Friday, August 14, 2015

Smart Vital Signs Monitor Might Be Our First Iteration of the “Tricorder”

Aug 14 / 2015

Anyone familiar with the Star Trek franchise is likely acquainted with the fictional medical device known as the “tricorder.” The imaginary handheld vital signs monitor, diagnostic tool, and environmental scanner used in many of the movies and TV series allowed the medical officers of Star Fleet to quickly scan their patients and identify the causes of their symptoms. Possibly making its debut in 2016, the Scanadu Scout, a bluetooth-enabled device for monitoring certain health markers, may be the first version of what could eventually evolve into a real-life “tricorder.”

The Scanadu Scout will be capable of measuring many physiological factors including temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oximetryECGHRV, and stress markers. Designed by Yves Béhar, the Scout is meant to embody the company’s belief that “the simplification of healthcare starts with a simple object.” Patients will hold the scanner to their forehead and then watch their smartphone app populate with their immediate health data points. The device is meant to assist physicians with diagnostics and empower patients to become more active in monitoring their health.

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