Saturday, September 19, 2015

Caregiver: Bob Radio

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

So, pretty much everyone knows Bob was cremated and Bob wanted me to find some "real cool" antique urn to house his ashes until the time of my death when our ashes can be mixed together and scattered over the Gulf of Mexico.

And I was in quandary over exactly what "real cool" antique thing I was going to use, and first perused the funeral home's "urn" catalogs which I must say, all in there were pretty hideous and way expensive and certainly not "antique looking". Then I made a few scouting trips to antique shops etc. looking for something suitable and came up, again, empty-handed.

I wanted something not just "real cool" but something that also reflected Bob and the things he loved.

Then, I hit upon an idea to use something we already owned, that was Bob's, that in fact Bob had purchased himself because it was "real cool". And I recruited Bubba, our mechanic, to help me with the project and Bubba delivered it today.

And yes, I know that looks not like an "urn" but like a 1940's Philco radio, because, that is what it is.  Bob had purchased it years ago and it's never worked.  In fact, he had two of the same model and was planning to use parts of each of them and, putting them together, have a working radio.  This is a project that never got completed because of his stroke. Bob adored antique radios, in fact I have several really cool working antique radios in the house that Bob restored.

So anyway -- Bubba took one of the non-working 1940's Philco radios, gutted it (saving the parts for me to sell along with the other model) and fitted it with a non-warming LED light (so the station dial lights up!) and made a wooden backing that could be sealed tight.

And it wasn't easy -- took Bubba some time, especially figuring our how to get a light in there that wouldn't get hot and set the whole plastic bag of ashes a-fire. But he finally did it.

And today he brought it over and helped me store the ashes inside and sealed the back. And when I thanked him for it, he told me it was "no problem" as it was a pleasure to do it as Bob was his friend.

And now I have a "Bob Radio" that I can turn the knob and the dial lights up for a pretty cool night light!   I think Bob would have been very pleased.

Thanks Bubba!!!!! You're a gem and a true friend!!!!

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