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Caregivers Who Are Trained Can Be As Effective
         as Speech Pathologists

Mark Littleman
The Teaching of Talking
Posted September 4, 2015

We are now at a University in Southern California teaching graduate students speech language pathology methods for those with aphasia while also pursuing research comparing the results of traditional therapies with little to no caregiver training to those performed at the clinic while caregivers are simultaneously trained in the Teaching of Talking Method which trains caregivers to do expert speech and language stimulation at home during most daily activities.

There have been many studies recently that are pointing to the greatly improved results that are possible when a caregiver is trained with methods they can employ throughout the day in normal interactions.

Caregivers Can Get Very Good Results
in Speaking
Taylor and Shields in a review of current research found that caregivers are an excellent resource to assist in the delivery of increased amounts of speech therapy, provided they are skilled enough to do so.

When comparing speech therapy provided by therapists to therapy given by caregiver who was given training in speech and language stimulation methods, results indicated that therapy provided by a therapist was not superior to parent or caregiver administered therapy.

(Lawler, K., Taylor, N., & Shields, N. (2013) Outcomes After Caregiver-Provided Speech and Language or Other Allied Health Therapy; Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 94 (6), pp.1139

The results of the Lawler and Taylor review indicated that with adequate training and support, caregivers can be as effective in speech and language stimulation with adults and children as therapy administered by therapists.

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Author: Teaching of Talking
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