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Laid-Back Admin: Welcome to Diana Smith and Leslie H

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Stroke Survivors Tattler

Welcome to Diana Smith and Leslie H

Welcome to two new Stroke Survivors Tattler guest bloggers: 
Both are "Stroke Survivors" and they will tell their history including their stroke and the future events, stroke or not, written with their blogger style. Welcome to SSTattler!

SSTattler Blogger - Diana Smith
Diana Smith
Beyond Reality
  • This is my first ever blog... a lot has changed over the last 4 years.
  • I am a young over 50 year old single woman recovering from a stroke. 
  • I can be cynical, insightful, and at times just simple.
  • I learned how to walk again, and now progressed to seldom having to use a cane and or AFO.
  • My left arm was also paralyzed from the stroke. I am working on getting use of my left arm and hand back. 
  • I also am rethinking my whole life, since losing my job and dream (at least rehabbing to dream) home.
  • I am a grandma now, and will be double grandma soon.
  • Please see my site, Beyond Reality just another day searching for the better life.

SSTattler Blogger - Leslie H
    Living After Stroke
  • This blog is about:
  • Regaining control over a life destroyed by a cataclysmic event – a massive stroke,
  • Rebirth – The stroke was earth-shattering and destroyed 90% of who I thought I was,
  • Discovering who I can be by redefining who I am, while learning to live with and adjusting to the many deficits the Damn Stroke gave me,
  • Being extremely Proactive, stroke recovery is a self-service affair,
  • Perseverance,
  • Hope & Belief,
  • Bottom line, this blog is about finding and using the resources necessary to overcome our obstacles and create a life worth living.
  • Please look at my site - Living After Stroke and contact me at

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