Saturday, September 26, 2015

One-Handed Typing Blows

Living After Stroke
SSTattler: Lots of different typing/speaking in SSTattler:
Typing with one hand instead of two is frustrating. Not only does it take longer to respond to someone when texting or messaging but it often changes the context of what I’m trying to say.
Oh do I miss two-handed typing. I mean really really really miss it. Not like self-pity missing something sadness. It’s more like how I miss cooking with cheese since Danny discovered he had a dairy intolerance.

I still cook and eat yummy foods, just very limited cheese. We discovered coconut oil and other super delish products. Good came from it. But I still miss ooey-gooey cheese.

I still type. It’s just different. I know typing is such a silly thing to be sad about considering my total circumstances.

I was an amazing typist. My fingers did the thinking as they typed. They would type my thoughts before they were in the forefront of my mind.

When I first started typing again, the sentences were bizarre. It was as if every other word was missing.

Instead of each hand typing certain letters, it was like my hands took turns typing words. When it was my left hand’s turn, the word was skipped.

I’m actually a pretty fast one-handed typist but not nearly quick enough to keep up with my thoughts. I suppose to compensate and try to keep up I just skipped typing some.

I finally adjusted to full sentences but my one hand still can’t keep up with full thoughts. I finish typing one sentence but my thoughts are miles ahead and I look at the sentence and wonder what I was trying to say and where I was trying to go with the thought.

I wonder if this is why I ramble so much in these posts.

Every time I start to write, I believe it will be a short quick post and it ends up a 2,000 word off topic ramble.

Maybe it’s just my broken brain’s inability to stay focused?????

Whatever it is…..

I miss typing with two hands. I miss the naturalness of putting thoughts into print.

I think it might be time I set up Dragon Naturally Speaking. I’ve only had it for 2 years now. I tried to use it once way back when, but I got easily frustrated.  I wasn’t able to consistently speak clearly.  I wonder if my speech can keep up with my thoughts, they fly through my brain so quickly.

Is there anything that you pensively miss?

Do any of you use Dragon Naturally Speaking or another similar program? Is it helpful?

Till next time - Have Wonderful Days - Leslie

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