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An Essential Ingredient in Better Speaking: Aphasia

Mark A. Ittleman
The Teaching of Talking
November 11 / 2015

Have you ever had one of the aha moments when you realized something you had already known, but just was not that consciously aware of it?

I just realized that yes, The Teaching of Talking Method is about helping a loved one or client speak better, and yes about the conversation, and yes, that it is free flowing and that it does follow a specific sequence of methods for those with aphasia and difficulty speaking.

It is all that but I now realize that The Teaching of Talking is about a relationship.  A relationship is necessary for it to work.  It is about two people who very much want something.  They want an outcome, a result.  But a relationship must be there for anything to work.  You could have the best method in the world to create a widget, but without the relationship the creation and fulfillment of that product would be in question.

Take a marriage for example.  That is a relationship.  In some marriages both partners totally support one another and want to make each other happy.  They are willing to do almost anything for the sole good of their partner.  They are willing to take risks to support one another.  They are there for each other, even when the storms of life come to try and ruin everything they built their relationship upon.

And that may be a factor with those with aphasia.  We have read stories of people divorcing after a stroke; of friendships lost, and purpose for living evaporating out of thin air.  Yes, that happens; we have all seen and can attest to it.

But there is something else that occurs when you have a strong relationship.  There is a love between people; a caring; a trust; and a mutual respect.  These are some of the keys to relationships that not only form between husband and wife, but also between therapist and client.  We know the health care professionals who seem to care about our health and well being.  We’ve also has some healthcare providers where we wondered what they were in the profession truly for.

It is the relationship that makes or breaks a marriage or a clinical relationship between client and therapist.  When there is a warm, caring and friendly relationship, the chances for improvement and ultimate survival is greatly enhanced.

When the relationship is there, and the method to help that person succeed in speaking  is  easy and conversational, the chances of improvement in speaking recovery is significantly better.

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Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP
Senior Speech Language Pathologist
Author:  Teaching of Talking
Developer:  Teaching of Talking Training Course

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