Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Would Go Stark Raving Mad

Rebecca Dutton
Home After a Stroke
February 4, 2014

My hemiplegic hand helps my sound hand do over 100 different tasks.  However, I am often slow or do a modified version of the task.  Despite my self-confidence, dozens of people have offered to do a manual task for me.  A few have even taken an object out of my hand.  Able-bodied people know it is easy for them to quickly manipulate an object -- so why should I do it if they are there?  My response when people offer to help when I do not need it is "I can do it myself, but thank you for offering."   When I say this I always make sure to smile and look them in the eye.  This is a nice way to acknowledge their good heart without embarrassing them when I reject their help.

Yet nine years after my stroke I see that this small group of insistent people will always be there.  After I use the "thank you " response I am going to try a second-tier response to more forcefully rebuff these people.  I am going to say "If I lived in a facility that took me to Wal-Mart once a week I would go stark raving mad.  Do not take away the independence that keeps me in my home."

I honestly do not know how handicapped children ever become independent adults.

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  1. Sorry, Rebecca, but if you were to use your Wal-Mart response, people would think you'd ALREADY gone stark raving mad.