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Laid-Back Admin: What Kind of Order by Guest Bloggers?

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What Kind of Order by Guest Bloggers?

What is the kind of order is Guest Bloggers in SSTattler - it seem like arbitrary or random? Well it is random but it is pseudo-random generate by my computer; this is a definition by Wikipedia: A pseudorandom process is a process that appears to be random but is not. Pseudo-random sequences typically exhibit statistical randomness while being generated by an entirely deterministic causal process. Such a process is easier to produce than a "genuinely random"... (read details if you want).

Hmmm, pseudo is good enough for me. I use Textmate to generate pseudo-random numbers-for-each-line. Step 1 to step 3 below (about 5 seconds+/-):

Step 1) The start is based alphabetic order i.e. .Amy, .Andre,..., .zeitgeist.  (Weekly Columnists i.e. .Dean, .JoMurphey,..., .SSTattler is fixed (non-random) and at the end).

Step 2) Invoke: Bundles --> Text --> Sorting --> Randomize Lines In Selection 
                   (or in my iMac enter F5 or ⌃⌥⌘')

3) Enter the articles Weekly Columnists i.e. .SSTattler, .Beagle,..., .Dean, then  enter the articles pseudorandom order with 1) Headlines Blog label or 2) Eclectic Stuff label.  Note - you can enter with top-down or bottom-up because it is pseudorandom - it is easiest top-down for me but pick your choice - it doesn't matter. 

.... and, except actually enter the articles, that is it - about 5 seconds+/- !!!


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