Saturday, November 28, 2015

Making Cookies Can Be like Speech Therapy for Aphasia

Mark A. Ittleman
The Teaching of Talking
November 23 / 2015

My neighbor, Mike brought us some Argentine cookies yesterday after his family went shopping in a special grocery store-bakery here in Southern California.  My wife and I had one with coffee this morning.

Malka told me a story about some cookies she used to buy years ago.   The company that packaged the cookies provided a recipe.  Well, she tried to make the cookies, but found the dough to be very sticky and she was unable to form the dough into the form they needed to be in before baking.

(Alfajores De Maizena)
Apparently the butter softened and the recipe did not caution the person to put the dough back into the refrigerator.   Malka said she had to make the cookies a number of times before she thought that refrigerating the dough might be the answer.  She was right!   Moral of the story:  Often the recipe or the directions for something are correct, but you don’t always get all the “tips.”

Isn’t that like many other things we learn in life?  We can buy the best books, get the best recipes or follow the best instructional videos, and there will always be things you will have to learn just by doing.

It’s like that with the Teaching of Talking Training Course.  There may be unavoidable “glitches” or temporary roadblocks that may come up from time to time as you help your loved one or client regain the ability to talk.

Commitment and method are some of the ingredients to helping others speak.  Those two essentials are also vital to achieve whatever you set out to do!

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Moshe Mark

Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP
Senior Speech Language Pathologist
Author Teaching of Talking
Teaching of Talking Online Video Training Course

Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP is a senior speech language pathologist who has worked in some of the nations’ best rehabilitation hospitals and specializes in complex speech language pathology of both children and adults.  He is the author of The Teaching of Talking which helps caregivers and speech pathologists learn simple speech and language stimulation methods to help loved ones and clients talk better.  He is currently residing in Southern California conducting research with The Teaching of Talking Method with those who have aphasia and teaching graduate students in speech language pathology.  He guest lectures, provides online mentoring for caregivers and those with aphasia and travels internationally consulting with Colleges, Universities and private individuals.

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