Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Pediatric stroke is a stroke that happens in children or adolescents. Stroke affects about 6 in 100,000 children. Stroke is a leading cause of death in children in the U.S. Stroke is different in children and newborns than it is in adults. Children have hemorrhagic strokes as often as they have ischemic strokes, while adults are more likely to have ischemic strokes. Sixty percent of pediatric strokes occur in boys. Causes of stroke are also different in children than they are in adults. A longer definition comes from Wikipedia.
           - Helping Kids Recover from Pediatric Strokes
           - Identifying Strokes in Children with Moyamoya Disease
           - Strokes: Recognizing them in Children | Keeping Kids Healthy
           - Teen Stroke Victim Finds Voice at Children's Hospital of Michigan
           - Parents of Daughter who Suffered Pre-natal Stroke Fear Cuts to Special
                Education Threaten Children With Disabilities
          - Girl's Miracle Stroke Recovery at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
          - Samantha Para and the Boston Celtics - Helping Children's Hospital
          - Faces of Stroke Ambassador: Bailey
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