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Stroke Prevention

Rebecca Dutton
Home After a Stroke
July 15, 2013

I had a second stroke two years after my first one.  My hemiplegic leg acquired central pain and lost the ability to distinguish between hot and cold.  I don't want to see what a third stroke will take away from me or try to find the fortitude to go through rehab a third time.  So I was glad to find a cheap way to reduce my blood pressure that doesn't have any negative side effects.

A year ago I stopped drinking diet Pepsi and started drinking iced tea.  My blood thinner (baby aspirin) irritates my stomach so eliminating acidic sodas made me feel better.  I brewed my own tea, but got progressively more irritated as I kept seeing tea stains on my counter every day.  The lid on my container leaks every time I pour tea because the rubber seal in the lid is twisted (see arrows in photo).  I have to take the rubber seal out to clean the yucky tea stains.  I don't have the two good hands it takes to put even tension on the rubber as I put it back in the lid.  If I were still married this irritation would disappear.  Problems like this make me ache for 30 seconds of "Honey Do time."

My initial response to seeing tea stains on my counter was to switch to water.  I didn't feel as well, but thought it was my imagination until I read Dean's post on the benefit of tea ( A study with 176,437 subjects found that tea significantly reduced blood pressure and heart rate.  This research gave me the incentive to make iced tea again.  This data doesn't prove that lowering blood pressure with tea will prevent another stroke, but I can't afford to wait for more research.

I heat water in a coffee pot on the stove until the water is simmering. After steeping I transfer the tea bags to a small dipping sauce bowl I found at Pier 1 Imports.  I don't want to put a hot pot in my refrigerator so I cool it with a fan.  Placing the pot on a burner grate from my stove speeds up the cooling process because airs gets under and around the pot. My coffee pot lid has a gap for pouring that lets the flavor evaporate from my green tea with blueberry (Lipton).  So I put a strip of plastic wrap under the lid.  To see how I cut plastic wrap with one hand click here.

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