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Video: Tie Two-End Shoelaces with One-Hand?

How to Tie Shoes One-handed Using my "Ian Knot"
         - Professor Shoelace

Published on Jan 13, 2013

SSTattler: It is easier than I thought... I will try it !

There are various methods of tying shoelaces with one hand. Mine is a variation of my "Ian Knot" technique of pulling two loops through each other. While this one-handed variation is not as blindingly fast as the two-handed Ian Knot, it is hopefully easier than some of the other one-handed shoelace knots.

More info plus animated instructions and photos on my Ian's Shoelace Site.

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Professor Shoelace: Introduction

Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011

SSTattler: The "Introduction" usually first but most stroke have a problem i.e. you have only one-hand so I put it first - "How to Tie Shoes One-handed Using my "Ian Knot" - Professor Shoelace"...

G'day everyone! My name is Ian Fieggen, and I'm a 40-something year old guy living in Victoria, Australia. My obsession with shoelaces for more than a quarter of a century has earned me the de-facto title of "Professor Shoelace" (not a real professor, just a bit of fun). I'm the author of the #1 ranked web site: "Ian's Shoelace Site", the book: "Laces" and the iPhone and iPad app: "Ian's Laces". I hope to share with you some of my enthusiasm for the humble shoelace!

More info on my Ian's Shoelace Site - Index.

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Hannah's One-Handed Shoe Tying Technique

Published on Feb 29, 2012

Learn how to tie your shoes with one hand! Unlike other one-handed shoe tying methods, the bow on your shoe stays tied and looks normal. This video was made from the perspective of an occupational therapist. :)

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Tying Shoelaces One-handed

Uploaded on May 20, 2011

The Limbless Association quick guide to tying your shoe laces one handed. Find us at

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How to Tie Shoe Laces Using Only One Hand
         - Step by Step Instructions

Published on Mar 27, 2012

SSTattler: Variations with a double loop... very nice!

This could be a great challenge, a great party trick - tying your shoe laces using only one hand. My video shows all the steps. which are quite simple.

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How to Tie Shoelaces With One Hand
         By Stroke Survivor Miss Leyva-Griffith

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2010

SSTattler: Miss Leyva-Griffith use her mouth... (of course legally for stroke survivors :-).

Major Stroke robs teacher's ability to read, write or speak normally but Miss Leyva refuses to let the stroke take the teacher out of the teacher. Leyva shows us how to tie a shoe using only one hand. Paralyzed on one side following a major stroke three years ago, Leyva is a survivor. Her stroke happened at home following the first week of school at Oceanside High School where she had taught Spanish since 1999. Having earned both a B.A. in English Literature as well as a B.A. in Russian Literature at the University of Havana, Cuba, Leyva-Griffith escaped communist Cuba and was granted political asylum here in the U.S. Husband Rick Griffith is the sole caregiver. Since Isabel's stroke left her unable to speak, write, or read, communication is very difficult. We are a family with a mom and a dad, four lovable little doggies (three are adopted), two adopted kitties, two birds, and a pond full of goldfish.

Isabel is a surviver, having spent five days and nights in a two-man life raft with four other adults as the five braved rough seas and ever-present sharks in their quest for a better life here in the United States. They had escaped Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba at last. The Coast Guard picked them up half way between Florida and Cuba (around 1990); Isabel was granted political asylum and began a new life in Las Vegas where she taught Russian at a local high school.

Richard (rick) and Isabel celebrated their second wedding anniversary while Isabel was in the hospital following her stroke. Rick owns, a small video production business. He also works as a free-lance cameraman, and on camera spokesman.

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There are lots YouTube of
         many variations tie shoelaces with one-hand.

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