Saturday, November 21, 2015

What Have You Done for the 1st Time Since Your #Stroke? @Fightingstrokes

Kate Allatt
Stroke Recovery Tips

September 6, 2014

Since your stroke what was the first time you:

• Ate a meal with both a knife
  and fork?
• Wiped your own ass?
• Got into a car?
• Brushed your hair or teeth
Tied you shoelaces?
• Tied your hair in a ponytail?
• Had sex?
• Walked unaided?
• Applied mascara or plucked your eyebrows yourself?
• Slept throughout the night?
• Really appreciated the love, support and care of your
  proactive loved-ones?
• Really understood what actually happened to you?
• Really understood the meaning of true friendship?
• Drove a car again?
• Felt in control again as a parent?
• Returned to paid employment?
• Accepted the stroke happened to you?
• Found ways to cope with the ignorance of most non-stroke survivors?

So what would you add to this list?

Stroke affects so many things.

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