Saturday, December 05, 2015

Answering Machine Challenge

Rebecca Dutton
Home After a Stroke
November 26, 2015

Opening voice mail requires a code.  I use an answering machine because all I have to do is push the blinking button on the machine to hear a message.  I also use an ear bud to listen and speak into the phone.  My wireless phone and ear bud allow me to go to the table to take notes and go to the couch to talk for an hour to friends and family hands free.

Dilemma.  I thought I was being clever when I hung the ear bud on the antenna for the phone.  Hanging the wire in front of the phone makes the ear piece cover the blinking button (under red arrow).  I have made this mistake many times.  Then I missed a message from a dear friend who called me after her surgery.  Having my friend think I did not care enough to return her call made me change my behavior.  Maintaining relationships has been a valuable part of my recovery.

Solution.  Now I place the wire for the ear bud behind the phone and make sure the ear piece is not covering the blinking button (see red arrow).  Even this change was not enough.  I have to turn the phone so it points towards the corner of the counter (3rd photo) instead of being lined up with the edge of the counter (2nd photo).  Now when I walk in the front door I can see the blinking light as soon as I pass the TV.

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