Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Best of 2015 Stroke Survivors Tattler
by Dr. Beagle C. Cranium

Merry Christmas
for the 
Great Guest Bloggers
on SSTattler

The Best of 2015: Stroke Survivors Tattler
  • Introduction
  • Best of Saturday News: Definition - WikipediaVideoYouTube/Vimeo
  • Best of Headline BlogEclectic Stuff with Guest Bloggers
  • Best of Weekly Columnists
    • Dean, Jo, Diane, Dan,  Jackie,  TED and Rick
  • Best of Daily Comics i.e. Every,  Everyday,... !

SSTattler: p.s. This cartoon is dedicated to our new kitten, Al G. Orithm (we call her Al)


Yesterday is Christmas Day and most people like Christmas and Christmas week -- it is a very beautiful holiday.   Christians have Christmas, Jews have Hanukkah, people of African descent have Kwanzaa, others celebrate the Solstice, Buddhists remember the five precepts... but all people giving gifts, kindness, love, peace to all mankind.

It is time to reflect what happened to the this year especially what happened to Stroke Survivors Tattler site.

Articles are very excellent...:  

  • WikipediaYouTube and Vimeo, ... -- they are 1) free 2) and easy to embed to SSTattler.
  • The site SSTattler has a good list of 43 "Guest Bloggers", see in About Us.
    • Many other Guest Bloggers come from stroke survivors / caregivers and give articles to SSTattler. Some have their own site and some only communicate with e-mail to SSTattler.
  •  Many professionals contribute on SSTattler site - Doctors, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech Therapists, and a number of good students ...
  • Comics - For Best and For Worse, Dilbert, Malcolm Mayes (Edmonton Journal) and Doonesbury.
  • Various commercial companies, drug makers, devices electronic/non-electronic, ... They provided video in YouTube & Vimeo, articles, and very important - a proper copyright.

Best of 2015 Saturday News with 

Best of 2015 Headline Blog & Eclectic Stuff

Guest Bloggers in SSTattler (in alphabetic order):   

Best of 2015 Weekly Columnists

Best of 2015 Daily Comics i.e. Every, Everyday,... !

  • For Better and For Worse by Lynn Johnston
  • Dilbert by Scott Adams
  • Edmonton Journal by Malcolm Mayes
  • Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Regards to all,
Dr. Beagle C. Cranium & John C. Anderson

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