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Caregiver: Time for a Change

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Friday, January 22, 2016

After the van was weirdly, sinisterly damaged by the errant brick -- I have come to think that a) The Universe is trying to tell me something, or b) Bob is trying to tell me something, or c) I need to get rid of that van before I totally trash it, or d) all of the above --- and so, this past week, I called the wheelchair van place where we bought the Bobmobile and got a verbal offer of $30,000 cash to buy the van back.

And I thought, well, 30 grand will more than cover the cost of a small compact car for me.

I had originally thought of buying a Mini Cooper -- they are so cute, but Bubba told me he would "divorce" me if I bought one, as, according to Bubba, they are "pieces of crap" and he, as my mechanic, advised me to (his words) "get a little Jap car" instead.

So I went searching last weekend for a Japanese car.

I started looking at Nissans because long ago, in what seems another life, I had a 1987 Sentra Hatchback named Little Blue Bomber and I absolutely loved that car and it served me well for 13 years.

I test drove the Nissan Versa Note, which is a very cute (hatchback) car, but unfortunately no one in the area had any in stock with the options I wanted.  They could order it -- it would take 2-3 months. Or I could drive to Daytona Beach where one was due to arrive soon, which seemed an awful long way to go. Or the Daytona Beach dealer could deliver it to me, but I would have to commit to buying the car, pretty much sight unseen.

So then I stopped at a Honda dealership and test drove the Honda Fit, which is very similar to the Versa Note and, in fact, has a bit more horsepower and some added features that the Note did not have, for about the same price.  I hesitated and told the salesperson I needed to "sleep on it" and then I very clearly heard Bob say to me, "Just get it!"  So I did.

Here it is, my new Little Blue Bomber II:

I must say, I am quite happy with it.

Kona is happy with it, too.  I, actually, took Kona on the test drive. The salesperson opened the back door for her and she jumped in.  When he opened the front passenger door to get in, Kona jumped in that seat.  The salesman said, "Oh, I guess I'm riding in back." and when he went to open the back door, Kona jumped into the back seat to keep him out! ha!  I had to tell Kona to "sit and stay" so the salesman could ride  up front with us for the test drive. I think Kona already claimed the car as hers.

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