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Laid-Back Admin: Comparison of Web Browsers

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The Best Web Browser? (November 2015)

Published on Nov 11, 2015

What's the best web browser for Windows and Mac?

In this video I compared Google Chrome vs Firefox vs Microsoft Edge vs Safari vs Opera on both Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan on a 2015 MacBook Pro 13" using OS X and Windows (with Boot Camp).

Tests used:

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Comparison of Web Browsers 

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of web browsers. Please see the individual products' articles for further information.

SSTattler: Included between 50 to 60 browsers, and approximate 15 tables/graph... if you want to see them all. The general graph, Usage Share of  Web Browsers, that tells me a good overall browser history from 2008 to 2015:
  • Mobile vs Desktop - increase from nearly 0% to approx. 35%,
  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft) - dropped from 70% to approx. 12%,
  • Chrome (Google) - increase from nearly 0% to approx. 33%,
  • Firefox (Mozilla) - dropped from 30% to approx. 12%,
  • Safari (Apple) -  increased from 4% to approx. 13%,
  • Opera (Opera Software) -  increased from 2% to approx. 5%.
Hmmm, I will change to Chrome (Google) at least for the next 2 or 3 years in the future.

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