Saturday, January 09, 2016

Laid-Back Admin: XKCD & Eclectic Stuff on Wednesday

Dr. Beagle C. Cranium
Stroke Survivors Tattler

Problems: One Minor and One Medium

Minor - XKCD:
We talked last week about the choice of XKCD cartoons every week. Well it is really simple:
   1) if there are good cartoons this week then I will
        publish it,
   2) if it is not good cartoons then I will push the
        button Random until a good cartoon appears. 
I tried it and it looks about maximum 5 times to work Random i.e. effort is total less than a minute.
Medium - Eclectic Stuff on Wednesday:
In the past, four times Stroke Survivors Tattler was too big for the total article by bytes (i.e. I use a different site to test the DRAFT SSTattler). One article title "-----------"  (with no text) is to big but just ignore it; two other weeks I deleted the article "Laid-Back Admin:..." and then, by bytes, it fits; fourth is last week , "Emotional Recovery", and total max articles is between 30 articles to 35 articles and I stopped at 31 articles. With nearly one-third I did not even read the other articles - it is, probably, going to be too big. 
I thought about a year ago, SSTattler to divide in half - half is publish on Wednesday and half is on Saturday. The problem is hard or not - I really did not understand completely. This week, I spent about a day to try it using DRAFT SSTattler and it is really simple. 
The solution is it to divide Eclectic Stuff on Wednesday and Saturday is headline (Definition... + Video... + Headline Blog...) plus Weekly Columnists... There are a minor parameters have to change but the visible is:
    1) Title "Eclectic Stuff on Wednesday" and publish at Wed 6:00pm MT,
    2) Headline+Weekly Columnists publish at Sat 12:00am MT (as before),
    3) we will publish the index Saturday News included with Eclectic Stuff on
 Most important is: approx.  Eclectic about 35% on Wednesday and the rest about 65% on Saturday i.e. two different days. Maybe it is even better!

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