Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Snow Shoes for a Stroke Survivor

Rebecca Dutton
Home After a Stroke
January 4, 2016

Since my stroke I'm careful about venturing outside when it snows, but I'm not trapped inside until spring comes either.  I never walk on snow covered concrete, gravel, or grass. because uneven slippery surfaces are a fall hazard.  Oonce streets, sidewalks, and access to my car are clear I wear boots over my shoes to protect them from the slush.  Boots I tried on at a shoe store would not fit over my leg brace.  My leg brace won't let me point my toes which is a pre-requisite for donning boots.  On-line I found the Neos overshoe with a Velvro opening that goes all the way down to my toes.  The Villager model is lightweight and designed for occasional use which is perfect for me.

A video at shows how to don this boot.  Warning #1: I do not put the boots on while standing as the video shows because I do not have good standing balance.  My boots go on safely while I am sitting.  A trick the video doesn't show is to make the ankle straps as long as I can before I put on the boots.  After I snap the straps closed I pull on the ends of the straps to make them tight.  Warning #2: The first set of boots I ordered was too big so they flopped around when I walked.  Bottom Line: I get good traction from the treads and don't arrive with soggy shoes.  I walk more slowly with boots on, but that beats not being able to keep important appointments like a visit to the doctor.

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