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When Two Become One

Pamela Hsieh
21 October, 2010

I’m proposing myself a new experiment, a twist on the old “walk for an hour in Reebok Reeinspires” idea. Today as a favor for a friend of mine needing to heal from plantar fasciitis, I agreed to post up flyers around my neighborhood for him. I set out around noon and did a couple hours and a half in my Reetones. I’m taking a short break now to post and chill for a bit.

So, first — it has occurred to me that perhaps my loyalty to mini socks (the kind that barely even reach the ankle, and therefore don’t usually show when you’re wearing shoes) may be simply too vain for practicality. Why? Because I now have a new blister. And these are gym shoes! It may be time to downgrade to traditional, taller gym socks.

(On that note, please try on the shoes first before you buy them, to make sure they’re the right size. Mine are a bit snug, and I probably would’ve been better off with a half size bigger.)

Anyway, aside from the fact that this is my fourth blister in three months — not from the same shoes, mind you — the walk has been very refreshing. I actually opted out of the gym today mostly because doing cardio on a machine is exceedingly boring, but also because of the usual reason I say all the time, that walking around outdoors and enjoying the scenery is far more enjoyable than staying indoors huffing in place.

The new idea is this. Have you seen the new iPods out nowadays?? The newest Nano is now all Touch-like and teeny, like a hybridized old-school Nano crossed with a Shuffle. And when I was at Apple getting the iPad last week, the representative helping me out also told me the new Nano is created specifically with exercise in mind: with a built-in pedometer and also a memory system built to withstand jostling.

The one thing preventing me from walking for hours and hours outside every day is the anxiety I get from knowing I could be spending that time reading or otherwise enriching myself. I say, download an audiobook, upload a few chapters into a small playlist that’ll fit your Nano or iPod, and hit the road and walk it through.

Also, remember what I told you about new neurons being created during cardio (from the research in Spark)? If you listen to audiobooks as you exercise, you’ll retain the information better.

Quick! Do it as much as you can as long as the weather is still nice. Here in Chicagoland, we know the days of sunny semi-warm days are numbered.

To our healing,

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